When The Hype is Meh…

Skin care samples can save a life.

I mean it, skin care samples can literally be a way to save face sometimes. Particularly when you happen to get deluxe sizes that you can use for a week or more, so you can get  decent idea of how well a product will or won’t work for you. I’m lucky that my skin is very reactive and will let me know within a use or two if something is for me, others aren’t so fortunate.

Maybe you’ve been eyeing the newest hot skin care items on the market, but you’re reluctant to pull the trigger on purchasing because they’re hella expensive. For me this is a good route to take because I rarely return things, so I’d rather not get stuck with a hundred dollar jar of something that I can’t use. Usually Sephora point perks do not excite me, but when I got the Becca x Chrissy Teigen Palette there were a few from brands that I had wanted to try, so trigger pulled.

There was a 250 points 2 piece Farmacy Echinacea Greenenvy Super Set which includes the Sleep Tight Firming Night Balm ($48) and the Honey Potion Warming Face Mask ($56). I’ve been wanting to try the brand for awhile, not because I’d heard anything about them one way or the other. But because I was intrigued by their skin philosophy and ingredients.

Another deluxe sample that was available though not through points (only for VIB and Rouge purchases), went really quickly and it was from Drunk Elephant. Their T.L.C Framboos Glycolic Night Serum, the full size of which goes for $90 so I get why it went missing in a heartbeat.

Drunk Elephant’s serum was the thing that I most wanted to try because I’m looking for a new serum yet again, and I’ve heard so many rave reviews of their products. It came in a cute white and hot pink container with a pump, the sample size is .27oz and it’s a decent enough amount for about two weeks.




It’s a clear gel like consistency that’s very sticky and viscous, and I say a two week supply because if you use too much it takes forever to work it in. It will eventually work in though, and it won’t sit on top of the skin like some other similar products can. This serum is supposed to not only help with skin turn over by acting as a mild exfoliant, it also brightens and acts as an ant-inflammatory agent.

I used this for about three days before I noticed that I was starting to get not only very fine bumps around my mouth, I was also getting the large cystic kind on my cheeks.  I read the ingredients after I used it and realised that it has both lactic and citric acids.

I happen to be allergic to both. But they both also aid in exfoliating the skin gently. So if you have sensitive skin, or are allergic to either of those I’d skip this one. Aside from slightly breaking me out, I didn’t see anything beneficial happen to my skin.

The Farmacy items that I got were also a bit of a dud, see how samples are awesome? I can’t say that I hated both of the items that I got, but I’m reasonably sure that I would not shell out the money for either. They both came in heavy mini glass jars, with white tops. Both products have a yellow tint to them, though the honey potion mask is a deeper yellow that actually looks like honey. Both have the most divine scent, that I can’t really explain.



The sleep tight firming balm is an oil packed balm reminiscent of my Tatcha. It’s targeted towards all skin types and is meant to firm the skin as you sleep, while evening the skin tone and combating fine lines and wrinkles. Unlike the Tatcha though this is a balm that is almost wholly composed of oils. It has eighteen oils on it’s ingredients list and lemme tell you, it shows. It does sit on top of the skin.

You may be able to work it in or not, either way you’ll be left with a glare on your face that is not cute. I only used this once because when I woke up to undesired results. My face looked like an oil spill and kept at it throughout the day even though I’d only used it the night before. This is a miss for me.



I liked the Honey Potion Renewing mask a lot more. It’s a warming mask and I’m something of a sucker for that. The sample size at first seemed very small to me, until I realised that I only needed the smallest amount to do my entire face. It goes on clear and turns into a whitish colour once you start to rub it in, warming as you do.

I find that when I put it on my face and then hop into the shower, the steam from my shower makes it continue warming though not in an uncomfortable way, and it works more effectively. Farmacy claims that it’s meant to clarify and exfoliate the skin.

When I first used it I didn’t notice much of a difference, but when I used the shower trick my skin did look a lot brighter and as if I’d been sleeping, which I haven’t. Although I like this well enough, I wouldn’t spend $56 on it. It’s nice and all, but it doesn’t do enough to warrant that price point in my opinion. Does smell nice though.



The great thing about both of these is that neither one caused any sort of adverse reaction, so they’re definitely sensitive skin approved.


Final Thoughts.

Skin care samples are my saving grace because although I will pull the trigger hard and fast on some makeup, I’m less likely to do so on skin care without massive amounts of procrastination and hella research. Most likely it’s because I have sensitive skin and everything scares me, but it’s also because pretty much all skin care is really only topical so I don’t think a lot of price points are justified, particularly when you can DIY most of the products.

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