What’s New At The Drugstore+Dupe Alert! Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kits.



Makeup Revolution has a bunch of new stuff available on the Ulta site, and I should stress though that it’s only new to Ulta because a lot of them have been available since late December, early January. These are obviously a dupe for the Kylie Lips Kits of which I own none, and never will, but the idea of having a perfectly paired lip liner without having to purchase it separately intrigues me so I got all the available colours. As of right now there are only five shades in the Retro Luxe Matte range available from Ulta. Noble, Echelon, Regal, Reign and Grandee.



There are two other ranges available, a Metallic and a lip gloss kit. There are also a whole lot of other shades in the Retro Mattes but as of right now, non of those are available at Ulta. All the ones at Ulta are some variation on a nude. There were definitely some quality control issues happening with these, two of the pencils came with the points broken off, not even in the cap, just gone. One of the lip kits had the wrong pencil.


Noble – A warm mid-toned pink.



Echelon – A cool toned pink.



Regal – A warm orange terracotta.



Reign – A cool toned medium pink.



Grandee – A bright bubblegum pink.

I wound up returning all of these. I didn’t like the formula and the colours from tube to swatch to lips are wildly different. Looking at them, I figured I’d be able to wear three successfully, and Grandee and Reign would just be a loss to me, which would have been fine.



Unfortunately, the dry down on these makes them so much lighter on the lips, they have a sort of whitish base that against my warm skin looks terrible, even Noble the shade that I was most looking forward to, which is a staple in my lip arsenal and Regal even though in swatches it looks very warm, I’m still trying to figure out how they got that colour to look so cool toned. The formula is also a no for me. It’s that very dry, sink into every line on you lips, so thick that it cracks immediately on drying, smiling or speaking. Add to that it’s also very heavy feeling and instantly drying and these are a strong pass for me.


Final Thoughts.

Pretty disappointed in these tell you the truth, I was expecting so much more from Makeup Revolution, maybe if Ulta had the other colours in the range this would have worked out differently even with the so-so formula. At $9 for lipstick and pencil these should have been a bargain and a win, sadly they’re not.

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