What’s New At The Drugstore: Ulta Collection Illuminating Powders.



Unlike Sephora Collection products, Ulta branded products have never been a must try for me. I’ve gotten some items that I like from gift with purchase, but something always stopped me from getting anything else. 

Might have to do with the only two palettes that I’ve gotten being basura, or the fact that I don’t very much care for their packaging. Even though Sephora is also a store brand, I find their packaging much more pleasing to my sense of aesthetics and in the last two or so years, I’ve yet to try a product that was truly terrible or felt/wore like cheap makeup. I decided to get over myself and try some Ulta when I was doing my massive drugstore haul.

I did get a decent amount of Ulta products, but I’m a bit short on time so today we’re gonna talk about the highlighters and not for very long either, this is gonna be a Cliff Notes review. Remember when  I said in the Jouer powder highlighter review that I’d been using drugstore highlighters that were better? 

These are some of them. They’ve recently gone through some changes it seems these highlighters, because I noticed because I got all four of the available shades and the packaging for one is very different. They’re heavy and sort of unwieldy, but the three new ones are less so. Also, two of the shades are new additions to the range.

Although I anticipated not being able to wear at least two, Ulta is currently doing a buy 2 get 2 free on their brand so I figured why the heck not. The case they come in is a very heavy plastic, like seriously, if you threw these at someone a concussion could happen. 

They’re your typical drugstore fare, a bit hard at first, but instead of detracting from the product, I find that in this case it works in favour. They apply very pigmented and sheer out very well with no chunkiness and are thankfully glitter free, and because they’re rather hard and dense, you not only pick up just the right amount of product, but there’s no dusty kick-up. 

I feel like if they weren’t hard packed, they’d be an absolute mess and a nightmare to work with. These can be sheered out so far they’re easily used as finishing powders since they don’t at all get brassy.




Radiant Diamond – A bronze gold  that gives a very deep golden finish.



Brilliant Diamond – A blue based white that can look lilac in the right lighting conditions.



Pink Diamond – A peachy pink that leans more on the peachy side for me.



Yellow Diamond – A true yellow gold, very subtle though.


Yellow diamond is perhaps my least favourite of the four because this is the only one that had some chunkiness and dustiness to it Coincidentally, this also the only one that didn’t come in new packaging, leading me to believe that the rest have been reformulated and this is just a holdover from an older batch. 

The lasting power on these is pretty good, I didn’t have to touch up once when I wore them which was probably for about six straight hours. Swatches below and me wearing them.




Of all, my two favourite colours are Pink and Radiant Diamond and I think that reason for that is obvious.

Final Thoughts.

There you have it folks, highlighters that actually work well at the drugstore and will only cost you $9 a pop, plus if you get in while the getting is good, you could score all four of them for the price of two. 

I was actually really sad that I preferred these to my Jouer highlighters, but lately I’ve been feeling that way about a lot of my drugstore vs. high-end products, which is to say, disappointed in the performance of the more expensive counterpart. 

That doesn’t mean that I haven’t had some fails with drugstore products, I’ve just been having bigger fails with high-end products. Or maybe they just feel bigger cause I’m paying more for them, but not getting the quality that I expect.

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