What’s New At The Drugstore: Maybelline



Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve never used Maybelline Cosmetics? I mean granted I’ve only really just started using drugstore makeup, but you would think right? But nope.

What really made me pick up these items other than the fact that they were pretty as hell, was that when I did my drugstore haul from Ulta, they were having five times points on Maybelline, L’Oreal and Nyx. I was already gonna get a bunch of Nyx and L’Oreal stuff, so I figured why not. By the way, my drugstore haul cost about $125, but I got back $80 in points, so basically I paid about $45 for everything tax included. Ulta for the win, if they had more prestige brands, I wouldn’t need to shop at Sephora at all.

I picked up the new Master Studio Master Blush palette ($12.99), Master Camo Palette ($12.99) in dark and the Brow Precise brow bone highlighter in deep ($9.99). The palette was the thing that I wanted most of all, but in addition to the five times points, they were also doing buy one get one 50% off, so I got the two Master Studio items first, and I placed the order for the brow highlighter in another order.

The Master Camo palette in a six pan conceal, contour and highlight cream palette and it looks a lot larger online than it is in real life. It can fit in the palm of your hand, but the wells are deep and they’re heavily pigmented. They come in three shades Light, Medium and Dark, and all the palettes have the corrector colours that correspond best to those skin tones. I really wasn’t expecting much from a drugstore concealer palette, especially one that claims to be deep, they often aren’t, but this one is. You get two concealer shades that can be mixed, two highlighting shades, though one is a shimmery gold face highlighter rather than an under eye, and you get two corrector shades in orange and a deep yellow.






As I said they’re really pigmented, but they’re also very creamy and blend well. The colour corrector works amazingly well, and although I wouldn’t classify it as a true orange, more of a peachy orange, for me it’s better because I can’t use a red based orange corrector as no matter how much blending I do, it still stands out on my skin even in the summer time when I’m darker. With a more peach toned corrector I can usually go without concealer. Speaking of concealers, the two that come in the palette are good shades for dark skin, I had a problem with them being entirely too neutral however, and they darker one being more olive in tone. I counteracted that by mixing in a small amount of both the yellow and orange correctors with the lighter shade to achieve a shade that fitted me better. In the summer, I’ll probably do the same with the orange corrector as then my skin will have a deeper tone.

But none of that matters if they melt away mid-way through the day, or are so emollient that they blend away or slide right off. I These posses just the right amount of emollience that they blend, but they also adhere to the skin very well and once they dry down, they stay put. Swatches below.



Having never used a Maybelline blush, I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was game because hey, it’s blush. The Master Blush Palette is three shades of blush on the mauve-pink-plum spectrum with a similarly shaded highlighter. You know how you see things online and you just know they’re a lot lighter in person? Although Ulta is notorious for absolutely crap pictures in bad lighting, this blush palette was in fact darker in person than it looked online, and I can truly say that all skin tones can use all the shades.





You get a light pinky mauve, a deeper more purple toned mauve and a deep plum shade. The highlighter is a pinky champagne. Drugstore blushes come in two varieties, dry and hard or powdery as all get out, and this is independent of whatever the pigmentation level happens to be. This blush palette legit feels like a high end palette. The blushes are so frigging soft, the pigmentation is ridiculous, but it’s not clown makeup. The colours initially go on quite soft, but build up easily and quickly without being cakey or powdery in the least. Oh, and they last for a good eight hours, or would if my hands weren’t always in my face. Swatches below and me wearing the middle pink tone and highlighter in indoor and outdoor lighting.




This last item is something I think that everyone was interested in, myself included. Listen I am brow bone challenged, I never know just the right shade to use, and when I do use the right shade, I just don’t care too much for it cause I think it looks unnatural. More often than not I just use concealer for a naturally highlighted look. So this is supposed to make things easier, and in comes in three shades, Light, Medium and Deep to take the guesswork out of which colour suits you. Clearly I got the shade deep, but I’m sure that you can pick up whichever shade suits your fancy depending on what you plan to do on any given day.





Deep is a taupe shade with a bit of a peach undertone and comes in a twist up plastic tube, though my mechanism seems to hate me and doesn’t want to work all that well. Like the concealer palette, it’s very pigmented but creamy, I found that it applied very thick, but blended out well. My only issue with this is that the stick was clearly made with those that have larger eyes and thus more lid space in mind. It’s impossible to use just the point of if because circumference-wise, it’s just too large. So if you have small eyes like myself, you’re going to have to put it on, blend it, and then blend your transition shade upwards again. Below I have pictures, it was the first time that I used it (don’t judge me), and you can see what I mean by that a bit. If you have small eyes, there will be a learning curve.


IMAG6345 (1)IMAG6344


Final Thoughts.

All in all a pretty good haul from Maybelline, nothing that I regret and products that I actually think quite highly of. If nothing else that brow bone highlighter is worth a look, just remember that if you have small eyes like myself, then there is a learning curve. The blush palette in my opinion is comparable to the new Nars palettes that are out at the moment just with two less colours, so if you’d wanted either of those and balked at the price, this is a pretty good alternative. The colours aren’t going to be anything unique like the Nars palette, but I still think that it’s well worth it.

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