What’s New At The Drugstore: Makeup Revolution Hashtag Slogan Palettes & Pro Glow Illuminator Palette.



Listen, I’m catching up season 6 of Suits as I’m writing this review, so I can’t be held responsible for any incoherence that may occur. That being said…

Makeup Revolution debuted these really cute hashtag palettes. there are three palettes that range from neutrals to jewel tones and each one comes with a complimentary eye primer. They aren’t the largest palettes, they can fit into your palm pretty easily, but what they lack in size they make up for in colour. I got the No Photos Please and Slay Palettes.



No Photos Please is a cool toned palette with some gorgeous jewel tones, each palette is ten shades of awesome. The shades of course aren’t printed in the palette, but they are printed on the protective plastic sheet. These palettes make up for the craptastic lip kits, like majority of MR palettes they’re super pigmented and so damn long lasting. The only issue that I have with this palette is that all the shades are shimmer shades, it’s not a deal breaker because they’re so pretty, but means that it can’t be an everything palette unless you know, you like shiny shiny. Swatches below.




This palette is the one that I prefer because the Slay palette while gorgeous as well, is a warm toned palette and I may have said before, because I’m very warm, those shades can easily overwhelm my complexion. Pictures of a simple look from this palette.



The Slay palette looks like a typical warm palette, but when you really look at it, it’s a bit of a mixed bag. It has browns, terracottas, creams and surprisingly enough corals which are not usual in palettes. Then it has a lovely muted mauve, pinks and purples so yeah. This palette has mostly mattes, but it does have three shimmer shades, so this one could potentially be an everything palette. Like the other, the colours in this are pretty pigmented




I wanna talk about the primer that comes with the palettes. It’s an odd sort of primer, and I’m going to try and explain it, but I’ll likely suck at it but here goes. First it’s a shimmer primer, but…Ok so when used under satin or glitter shadows like the ones in the No Photos palette, it makes them look very foiled. But when used under matte shadows…nothing. It changes absolutely nothing shadows still go on matte and look matte. The primer is also extends the wear the shadow, and it makes them glide on like butter. Below I’m wearing the second Impress (the gold one) with Killed It in the crease blended upwards.



The palettes are super cute and inexpensive at $9 so totally worth it. The thing that I’m the most excited to get though was this Pro Glow Highlighting palette. It took me a really long time to get this, I kept talking myself out and then back into buying. Finally when I got the the Nyx blush palette I did a what the hell and got it, and I’m pleased with myself.

It’s a large palette, the pan sizes are large, though I thought it would be a lot smaller. There are eight shades and some of them are unique, but otherwise are the standard.






What surprised me was how luxurious the powders feel, because I really went it expecting maybe not bad things, but  wasn’t expecting to be wowed. They’re very finely milled and have that cushiony feel that I’ve come to associate with higher end powders. Applying them is a dream also because while they’re very very pigmented, unlike the Jouer ones, these blend in extremely well. You can have them be  as bright as you want or sheer them out to almost nothing.

I said that a couple of them were unique shades. Lately there have been a lot of rose toned highlighters hitting the market and I for one am not mad, and while I liked the Duochrome from Nyx a lot, I prefer the one in this palette because it’s a pink softer. A couple of these have a shift to them also and show up on you skin in unexpected ways. In the picture they don’t show up all that well because the day I took pictures it was really overcast and well…this happened, washed out pictures.



The colours range from a blue based white, to a silvery lilac, a peachy gold and of course that gorgeous pinky rose. Of you also get the usual suspects in champagne gold, yellow gold and a deep bronzy gold. At $18 it’s on the pricey side for the drugstore, but for as much product as you get, I think it’s worth it based on both the quality and the quantity that you get.


Final Thoughts.

Aside from the gross lip kits, this was a good haul from MUR. There are also a ton of other new MUR palettes available on the Ulta site, I didn’t get any of them and I’m not sure that I want to because I am legit on palette overload, I swear I clear out my palettes and a week later my palette drawer is full again. I dunno though, some of them look good. In any case, the two smaller palettes are great if you’re on a budget, they’re a bang for the buck and with three options (the one I didn’t get is neutral), everyone should be able to find one they like. While I really like highlighter palette, I’m gonna have to say that it isn’t a must have. It’s pretty for sure, but unless you’re an mua or a makeup junkie like moi, then yeah get it. If it’s all too much for you at the moment, don’t worry Ulta’s got you covered with a Bogo 50% off on all MUR right now.

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