What’s New At The Drugstore: L’Oreal Infallible Total Coverage and Infallible Paints Blush Palette.



Ok, so first off the pictures for this post are all over the damn place. I purchased, returned, then repurchased a few items. Well, not a few. a lot. Things aren’t pictured together, and I even forgot to take pictures and swatches of some things. The disappointment was strong in this portion of the haul people. This was all part of the Ulta haul that I did a few weeks ago, which was kinda messy but Ulta loves me, so they fixed it instantly.

L’Oreal is the drugstore brand that I’m most familiar with, I tend to purchase everything new that debuts. I don’t always review it, but I do purchase a lot of it. With the exception of the Pro Glow, I’ve loved every foundation that I’ve tried. Enter this joker to ruin the love affair.

I was stoked for this Infallible Total Coverage Foundation ($12.99). Full coverage that looks natural? Ok, let’s play. Across almost all L’Oreal foundations, I’m a Classic Tan in the colder months, and Soft Sable in the Summer even though it falls a little on the neutral side of the fence. For some reason the last two foundations launches, this one included, have seen the elimination of Soft Sable in favour of the shade Crème Cafe, which has a very red undertone and is at least a shade darker than Soft Sable. It comes in a plastic squeeze tube that looks different from their other foundations, but you still get the same full ounce.



When I first got this, I got what I normally would, but to say that the shade is not at all the Classic Tan that I’ve become used to is laughable. For one thing, this particular foundation has a heavy titanium dioxide SPF in it which not only makes the foundation lighter than it’s originally meant to be, but sort of ruins the undertone, e.g. makes them freaking disappear. Also the colour of the tube is very deceptive, it looks as if it’s the foundation that you’re looking at, but it is in fact a lot darker than the foundation that’s inside.




So I got it, and then returned it. A few days later when it launched at Walgreens, they did a bogo, so I picked up Classic Tan again, and because I couldn’t find Soft Sable, picked up Crème Cafe. I intended to mix both colours to see if I could get a decent colour out of both. However, Crème Cafe was so badly off that I decided to try and rock with Classic Tan.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate this foundation. I actually like that it is a true full coverage. It literally covers all my hyperpigmentation in one go, it doesn’t move or slip, lasts all day and I didn’t even need to blot. It’s also light and mousse-like on the face where you can’t feel it. Once applied it is a gorgeous finish. It’s full, but looks natural. Or it would look natural if you find a shade that matches you well. My issue is the fact that Classic Tan is not in fact Classic Tan, and is about two shades lighter than it should be.

Can I wear it? Yes I can, but unless I fix the hell out of it I look like a corpse once I step into the sunlight. There is a clear line of demarcation between my face and neck, No bueno. I wound up returning both shades, but now I wish that I had kept it and seen how well it mixed with the Clinique BIY drops to create a more golden undertone, cause that thing has been puppies and unicorns for me.

If you care, the best way that I found of applying this is not with a brush, but with a dry beauty blender. I say dry, because there’s something about this foundation that when applied with a damp blender, not only does it apply patchy and lifts the foundation off your face, but while washing  my blender out I squeezed, and huge chunks of foundation came out. Unblended foundation, like enough for three whole applications. Yuck. Photos of me wearing it hella fixed below.



I also picked up the new Infallible Paints blush palette ($16.99) as well. This unlike the Maybelline one, isn’t comprised of shades that everyone can wear. These are bright spring and summer shades. Although the palette contains four shades, you’re really only getting two as they’re variations on the same colour. The blushes are housed in a black plastic palette and you get a small, useless blush brush which I would have gladly traded for another blush shade.







Remember how I’d said that drugstore blushes come in two variations? Dry and hard or dusty as all get out? These are the former and the latter. They don’t swatch particularly well and are super dusty, but they are very pigmented and build up well. You get a light shimmery peach shade, a bright orange and pink both matte, and a softer mid-toned pink that is a satin finish.



I have to say that I don’t really like this palette very much. Well ok, I do appreciate the bright orange shade, it’s rare that any blush palette, drugstore or high end for that matter will include a true orange shade, and matte at that. But I think that including two shades that most people won’t be able to wear well is just stupid. By that I mean, very dark skinned people won’t be able to wear the first and last shade in the palette, very fair people will probably have trouble with the two middle shades. In any case, below I’m wearing the orange shade, you may not be able to see it well as orange is a vey natural colour on me.



Final Thoughts.

Sorry to say that I’m not feeling this L’Oreal launch at all. The foundation is balls, so far most of the dark skinned bloggers and vloggers that have tried it, seem to feel the same as I do. The blush palette is in my opinion, not a good buy for most people. If you’re looking for a drugstore blush palette, then the Maybelline one is a better choice, it may not be very exciting but it’s more friendly to  most people. As for foundations, there are better full coverage drugstore options out there for dark skin that aren’t spf heavy and have more friendly shades.

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