What’s New At The Drugstore: Jordana Sweet Cream Matte Liquid Lipsticks.



Are these new or just new to me? Whatever, it’s new. So how I wound up getting these is sort of funny. I was running around from Walgreens to Walgreens trying to find the newly launched Wet n Wild Cushion makeup and at the one stop where I did find them, there was also a new display of these as well. I bought four of these and four of the Wet n Wild Catsuit Liquid Lipsticks, they’re both $4.99.

When I got home, I tried the WnW ones and I didn’t hate them, but they were like every other liquid lipstick right? Then I tried these.

I immediately got back into my car, drove to Walgreens, returned the WnW and proceeded to buy every shade of these that I thought would look great on me. It took me a while to get all the shades that I picked up because they’re always sold out. I feel kinda bad for not even giving the WnW a chance, but hey, you don’t choose who you fall in love with.

They come in very unassuming packaging, the doe foot wand that it comes with is one of those that has a curve or a significant dip in the applicator. Normally I hate those because they’re too big or deep and instead of giving you targeted application as it’s intended to do, you wind up getting product outside of your lip line. Well I do because I have a small mouth, although you can’t tell from the way I photograph. The applicator on this is perfect for my smaller mouth and it hugs the shape of my lips. It’s also small enough that it hugs my cupid’s bow, you’ll never know the struggle of having a perfect cupids bow, coupled with small lips unless you…well…have both.



So what made me instantly fall in love with this? Well a combination of things. For one thing they smell like frikkin cupcakes. Second, they taste like frikkin cupcakes.  I kept praying to god that I didn’t try to lick them off my lips. Third, the way they apply and dry damn near instantly. Texturally they’re like a whipped mousse, so almost as soon as they hit your lips they’re drying. And they dry matte, like rubbing your lips together and sounding like paper matte. But they don’t feel like it, they’re very light. You get complete coverage with all but one of them in one swipe. There are eighteen shades in the range, of which I picked up eleven, but lost two so, now I have nine. Swatches below.



What I love about these, they’re very long lasting. Even after eating greasy food, they’re still mostly there. When they do fade, they leave a nice stain. What I don’t like about them, although they’re very comfortable to wear, they’re extremely drying even with a balm underneath. But you can’t feel it drying out your lips, which is how I wound up with dry ass lips I wasn’t aware of when I was testing the Lancôme Le Stylo. All that being said though, Imma wear the hell out of them anyway, how can I not? Look at them.


Cherry Cobbler – A bright cool cherry red. My least favourite of the bunch and by least favourite, I mean I like it only slightly less than the others. Why? It applies very sheer and two coats were needed for me to achieve this colour. Because of that, because it’s thicker, it can crack a bit if too much is applied.



Tiramisu – A very easy brown girl peachy brown which normally would look terrible on me, but for some reason this works.


IMAG6527_1 (1)

Sweet Marsala Wine – A brown toned burgundy that’s a little bit thin, but still covers in one stroke.


IMAG6331_1 (1)

Rose Macaron – A gorgeous warm rose pink.



Red Velvet Cake – A true warm blood red shade.



Molten Chocolate Cake – A deep warm brown with a slight reddish undertone. I usually hate browns on me, but I may have found my two browns with this line.



Cinnamon Toast – A cool toned mauve brown, this is my second loved brown from the line. Don’t watch the caterpillars on my face, I was testing a new brow product.



Sugarberry Crumble – A bright raspberry pink. My lip liner game is weak, I can’t believe that I own no liners this colour since I have so many versions of this shade.



Currant Jam – A pinky purple shade.


Final Thoughts.

Despite that this dries my lips all the way out, I’m still in love and I do recommend these. Go out and get you some.

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