What’s New At The Drugstore: All These Nyx Cheek Products.

I’d started this off by just doing a review on all the rest of my Nyx purchases, but it was getting extremely long and picture heavy so I split em up. Anywhoo…

My Nyx haul was all kinds of fail. Well the portion of it that came from Nyx itself was anyway, Ulta came through is about five days products perfectly intact. Nyx took 17 days and damn near everything was broken. Yeah. They were pretty nice about it though once I reached out them on Twitter about the fiasco. They told me not to bother sending the broken items back, but they still gave me a full refund while letting me keep the unbroken items.

The Items that I’d gotten from Nyx were three of their Duochromatic Illuminating Powders ($8) and that shade of the Total Control Drop Foundation in Mocha which I’d come to realise would be the wrong colour.

I’d gotten three colours, Synthetica a pink shade with gold duo chrome pearls (really, it looks orange), Crushed Bloom, a dusty rose with pink and blue duo chrome and Lavender Steel, a soft lavender with pink and lavender duo chrome pearls. These are obviously the ones that came broken, I cleaned them up as best I could though. Even in the pan these things are gorgeous.




For as pretty as they look in the pan, they’re even more stunning when used. Lemme just say though, these are not for everyday wear in the least. They are also not for the faint of heart. You need to love highlighting and love out there colours for you to even try these. They wear well as bush toppers also. Swatches and me wearing Crushed bloom as a blush topper below in the first picture, and Synthetica in the second.




I also got another highlighter, the Away We Glow highlighter ($7) in the shade Rose Quartz which Nyx claims is a rose gold but once again, it’s orange, albeit a golden orange. It comes in a tube and is applied with a doe foot wand. I chose to get only one of these because one, I had already gotten the Duochromes and two, I was drawn to the same shades and I didn’t feel the need to replicate.




This one is very sheer, so it’s right up my ally. You put it on and once you blend it, it sheers almost all the way out. It’s more like those glossing highlighters that have recently become popular in the mainstream, but that has been happening in the pro world for a long time. It’s quite filmy looking, and has what looks like a sheer overlay of colour. I feel like both these ranges were created for different types in mind. People like me who prefer subtle, and the people who love bling.




Finally, something that’s not exactly new since it’s been on the Nyx site for at least six weeks, but it’s new to the Ulta site. It’s the Sweet cheeks blush palette. It contains eight shades that vary from shimmer and satin to mattes. Two of the shades also double well as highlighters or blush toppers.





It took me a while to get it because I thought that they were just the HD blushes loaded into a palette, and I really did not like those blushes very much. Eventually I caved and just got it because really, it’s bloody blush palette there was really only so long that I could hold out. Welp, they aren’t the HD blushes thank goodness. These feel softer, they build better and I find them much more pigmented.

The eight shades are ones that I can thankfully wear easily. The top row is your high shimmers and satins, and the bottom holds the mattes. The first two shades are a very high shimmer pink that I’ll be using as a highlighter and topper, and a high shimmer peach, at least I thought it was. When I swatched it, it’s super yellow, so there’s that. The third shade is deep satin peach rose that is…surprising to say the least, the last is a matte (that borders a bit on satin) orange. I’m super feeling this orange blush in palette trend.

The bottom row looks deceptively cool. The first pink shade is a medium neutral pink that although I can wear, I don’t care for it too much. Interestingly enough it reads a coral pink on me, but my pink cheek products need to be squarely in the cool camp. The second shade is your typical deep plum…is what you think and then find out that it’s a warm red that’s reminiscent of Exhibit A, just less orange. Then you have a beautiful dusty rose and the last shade is a cool pink that of course reads lilac on me.





I’ve only worn one of these so far, the orange shade, for some reason that’s been my bag lately. It lasted about 4-5hours before I saw any breakdown. In all honesty that breakdown probably has more to do with my hands in my face constantly rather than performance.


Final Thoughts.

These products don’t suck in the least, they’re actually quite good. The blush palette is not a must have unless you’re a blush hoarder or you have absolutely no blushes whatsoever, it’s a good one to cut your teeth on. It has a good variety of shades and it’s most complexions friendly. Of the highlighters, I prefer the Away We Glow highlighter to the Duochromes, I just find them a bit too much for me personally, and they are gorgeous, but I’d really recommend the other one for quick no hassle application and sheer highlighting.

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