Wayne Goss Thinks This Is The Best Makeup Line Hands Down.



Spoiler Alert! He’s wrong.

The brand in question? Parisian brand Makeup Atelier. This is probably one of the most hit or miss higher end brands that I’ve used. Luckily it’s not quite so expensive so I’m not all that mad about it, but ugh. I did a haul from Beautylish a few months ago and I’ve used the items I got probably three times cause they’re just not worth the amount of effort it takes to make them work.

I got a foundation that I immediately sent packing, two five pan shadow palettes, two cream blushes and an under eye concealer. Let’s start with the foundation cause ya’ll know…

The line has an overwhelming amount of foundation shades that are subdivided into undertones, and different finishes, I got the waterproof foundation. The colour category that I fall into is the Metisse range, which in itself is problematic because Metisse in French literally translates to half blood or half caste. I was triggered for real. Half caste is a disparaging term used in Jamaica to taunt, insult or tease people of mixed black and Indian decent. I was called that A LOT growing up, and my brothers got into fights daily being called that and coolie babu. So yeah, I wasn’t over the moon about falling into that category, but I reasoned that the brand simply meant mixed which is also problematic since mixed race people can come in any shade and undertone, but whatevs.

When Beautylish had first debuted the line they’d sent me samples of a few of the Metisse shades, and I’d hung onto them because I didn’t quite hate the foundation. Fast forward a year and when I ordered, I ordered a shade darker  than the one I had in my possession with the intent of wearing it in the summer time. At this point I’d only tried the foundation I think three or so times. The shades they sent me were Ochre FLW60 Metisse 1 and Ochre FLW80 Metisse 3. 60 was too light and 80 was slightly too dark for my winter skin and the undertone was a bit off, but it would have been too light for summer, so I ordered 90. That  was a disaster because the undertone for 90 was grey, and it was waaay too dark. Below is the sample of 80.



So this is a waterproof foundation and it has the sticky properties that I’ve come to expect from waterproof foundations. It looks beautiful when applied and it is a full coverage that covers everything with one layer. What I didn’t like about it is that it will not set, no matter what I used over it. It transfers onto fingers, clothing, everything and looks greasy on the face instead of the dewy I think they were going for. It’s also uncomfortable for me in that I am aware of it every single second that I’m wearing it, and my skin feels as if it can’t breathe. Unlike other waterproof foundations that I’ve tried, the stickiness remains after it’s applied. For a $32 foundation, I’m not about that life, thanks but no.



The under eye concealer that I got has probably got to be the worst I’ve ever tried, but I keep trying to make it work. I got FLWAPN1 Warm Ochre, which comes in 18 colours and runs $18.





Why does it suck? While the colour is phenomenal does a bang up job of brightening the under eyes, it creases immediately. And I do mean immediately. Once you blend it in it instantly highlights every crease and line in the area. It didn’t matter how I applied it or how quickly I used a setting powder, both eyes at once, one at a time, crease city. Adding a setting powder only made it worse and made my under eyes look even drier, and they’re not by nature dry. I look at this with so much sadness daily, because the colour math is so good! I don’t know why it does that, perhaps because it’s also a waterproof formula, but in that case I would have expected it to be more on the sticky side.

The two five pan shadow palettes that I got were Amazon Tones, a mix of browns and greens, with a weird blue thrown in,  all shimmer and high glitter shades. And  Wood Pink a matte palette in tones of pink with a grey in the mix, each palette will cost you $35.




Once again, not great quality in any way shape or form. The shadows are very dry and hitch when applying. The matte shades kick up a tonne of powder and the shimmer palette has so much damn fallout it’s almost unusable unless you apply it first and then clean your face thoroughly. They don’t blend particularly well, the colours from Amazon Tones go muddy and will turn into one shade. Not to mention, there was so much fallout that the glitter particles got into my eyes to such a degree that when I went to bed and woke up the next day, the eye that had gotten most of the glitter bomb was swollen and leaking fluid trying to expel the glitter from my eye. 

Wood Pink is only slightly better, and the lasting power is just not present even with primer. Without primer they’re completely unusable, you will get no colour payoff whatsoever, these shadows require a primer to grab onto. Swatches below and me wearing Wood Pink. They swatch really well by the way, they just don’t perform. Also both of these palettes is sorely missing a dark enough shade for blending, that purple grey from the Wood Pink palette just wasn’t dark enough on my complexion. I had to go in with the black from my Illamasqua palette to darken up my outer V and added a pop of that bronze shade from the Amazon Tones palette to the middle of my lid to save the look, because it just looked like one swath of colour over my lid without real definition. So yeah, these palettes are not stand alone palettes.





As for the quality? You know how you know when a shadow is good quality? Drop it and it doesn’t break. I was carrying Amazon Tones and my Viseart Bijoux Royal palette down the stairs and both slipped out of my had because I was carrying too much stuff. Both slipped out of my hand and bounced down three or four stairs, the Viseart palette actually bounced twice more on the floor and then banged into a wall. The Viseart palette had one broken shadow and it was broken in such a way that it looked as if someone had sliced the top of the shadow off, and I was able to use my finger to just press it back into place. The Amazon Tones palette was completely destroyed. Shadows turned into powder beyond repair.

The last items are the only things that I actually cared for, two cream blushes in Ambering Rose a beautiful nude rose with a golden brown base and Natural Rose a warm, mid-toned pink. Both of these will set you back $19.




I found that they were very easy to both apply and build up. Build up because at first all you get a sheer wash of colour. They also very comfortable to wear even though initially they feel quite greasy. My only complaint is that they don’t dry down completely so you’re left with a shiny cheek unless you put powder over it, which is easy to do. They also seem to last longer with powder on top, but they’re nowhere near as long lasting as say my Burberry Cheek Blooms which effortlessly last all day till I take them off. I’d say about 4-5 hours of wear is the max you’ll get from these, less if you have oily skin. In fact, if you have oily skin, my recommendation is not bother with these at all, I’d see them being a problem. I like them though and even though I was expecting Ambering Rose to be my perfect nude, it turns out that Natural Rose is, as is surprisingly more muted.



Final Thoughts.

If you didn’t get it, I’m not a fan of this line in the least. I think the products are sub-par. Even at the relatively cheaper price point I don’t think the products are worth it. Yeah the blush is nice, but I’ve worn $10 cream blushes that perform better and last longer without the need to make it stay in place with powder. Although the foundation line is extensive and hella inclusive, that only works if it’s something that I want on my face, and I don’t. even though the brand is very brown and black girl friendly, my thoughts are to skip it, it’s truly not worth it, sorry Wayne.

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