Urban Decay’s Got Summer Covered With Mix-In Medium Voodoo Potions!



Urban decay has been having a pretty bang up year with a lot of debuts. It’s almost as if the brand is *gasp* innovating again! Ok, all shade aside, they’ve had some pretty great things debut. Listen, there are all types of palettes on the scene, from blush to highlighters and shadow palettes. One of which is the new Naked Heat palette that your girl had to be talked out of getting. There are new lippies, primers, powders. UD is not playing with y’all.

Two of the new debuts are these Mix-In Medium thingies that debuted about a month ago. I got them the day they dropped on Sephora.com, but I’ve been pretty busy with life so here we are. Both of these are supposed to have you set for summer in one way or the other. One is meant as a mattifier, and the other makes you glow to the stars. Or that’s my take on it anyway. I like one better than the other to be sure, so let’s get on with it.

The Velvetizer Mix-In Medium.

First the one that I’m in love with. This is the Velvetizer, and look it’s cute and functional. UD even covered the box and the jar that it comes in velvet to drive home their point. Here’s what you need to know about it.

  • It is a multi-use product
  • It’s meant to make foundations that are a bit on the oily side matte, and who doesn’t want that in the summer.
  • It can also be used as finishing powder.
  • It comes in a purple tub with only four holes in the sifter. If that doesn’t sound like enough, trust you’ll be thankful later.





The powder is the most ridiculously finely milled powder that I’ve seen yet. It’s basically dust, hence the four holes in the sifter. Any more than that would be too much and there would be powder everywhere. As it stands, there’s already powder everywhere so I keep my seal over the holes. The swatches below are heavily, heavily  applied and it blends out to almost nothing.





Now all of that is great, but does it work the way it’s intended to? Yes, a resounding yes. I used it with my waterproof foundations that can look a bit oily. Here are the major takeaways from my experimentation.

  • It took the shine away and left me with a satin matte finish, and held up all day long.
  • It’s lightweight and I didn’t feel it on my face at all, so it’s comfortable to wear.
  • It doesn’t leave a white cast on darker skin, however if you’re not yellow undertoned, you may have issues.
  • It’s easy to use too much and end up with a stiff paste, it can still be used this way, it’ll just be hard to blend.
  • The downside is that you’ll have to experiment quite a bit to figure out what the appropriate amount is.
  • It makes a great finishing powder for those with yellow or golden tones in their skin. Not red or pink.


The Liquid Aura Mix-In Medium.

This second Mix-In Medium I didn’t quite care for too much, not because anything is inherently wrong with it. It just didn’t perform the way that I was expecting it. I was expecting a lot out of it because it’s in my favourite UD highlighter shade Aura. In it’s powder form, Aura is a pinky highlighter with a strong peachy undertone and holographic reflects. Liquid Aura is a thick, opaque white liquid, in a holographic print bottle with a dropper.




Like the Velvetizer is supposed to mattify, Liquid Aura is supposed to provide a subtle holographic glow when added to matte foundations. When first swatched it looks pure white and I was at first concerned by that. However it blends in quite well again, but there are some concerns for different skin tones and undertones.

  • Unlike powder Aura, the liquid has a very strong pink/purple undertone. Peach is completely absent.
  • If too much is used, it can leave a white cast on the skin.
  • If you’re warm undertoned, this is probably not going to work well for you. It’s better suited to cool, pink/red undertones.
  • It does change the colour and undertone of your foundation ever so slightly.




Does it do what it says that it does? In my opinion, no. I couldn’t identify any real difference in my foundation other than a slight lightening. I do believe though that if I were using a lighter foundation it may have worked. The pigments in a darker foundation likely overwhelmed it. It does however make a good stand-alone liquid highlighter, but do you need that? My biggest pet peeve would have to be the messy ass dropper bottle. Putting the dropper back into the bottle gets product all down the side.


Final Thoughts.

These Mix-In Mediums are a novel idea. Do you need them and do I think they’re a good value? For me the Velvetizer Mix-In Medium is a good value in all aspects. The colour is great for both my complexion and undertones. As someone who is oily combination, the mattifying properties adds value to my ability to wear whatever foundation I want in the summer. In it’s execution, for me at least, this is a win.

The Liquid Aura Mix-In Medium is not exactly a miss for me, but I definitely do not need it. It’s only function for me would be as just a highlighter. I do recommend this for someone who’s perhaps an NW30 or lighter. I also do not recommend it for use as it’s intended for someone with yellow/gold/peach undertones or very warm or dark skin. Both of these clock in at $30 which to me is a good value as you won’t be running out of either very quickly.

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