@Ulta + NYX July Birthday Gift & Why We Should All Be Pissed



I’ve stated repeatedly that if not for being able to find more of the high end brands that I prefer at Sephora and Sephora’s own collection, I’d probably shop at Ulta exclusively. They have a much better rewards programs, it’s light years ahead of Sephora’s. But I also like their high-end, low-end model because it’s a one stop shop. One of the programs that both retailers have and suck at is the birthday rewards program. Sephora has recently gotten marginally by better offering multiple choices, but it’s still geared towards pale people. Ulta? Well…

Ulta’s birthday gifts are quarterly, meaning every four months the gift changes. I hate this model. It’s why I stopped getting sub boxes, I don’t care for variations. Everyone should get the same thing or have a range of things to choose from. Particularly if one quarter the gift is a deluxe mascara or hair spray, and another quarter gets a damn eye shadow palette which is what happened here. Ulta offered people signing up for the rewards program that had a birthday in July, a Nyx palette. I was livid.

It was completely unfair, especially when you’ve been a platinum rewards member for years and always get those craptastic gifts. I called them out on it on Twitter where they apologised and asked what would have been a better option. Well for starters, what I said above, no variations and what about your long time rewards members? So How did yours truly whose birthday is in June and has been a reward member for five years get her  mitts on this?

I signed up for another account and used a fake birthday, and no I don’t care one iota.



But was the palette worth my deception though? Yes. Yes it was and I regret nothing, so let’s talk about it.

  • It’s a ten shade palette that’s pretty large as you can see from the picture above.
  • It’s also a warm palette which should have stopped me, but I was pissed so it didn’t.
  • It comes with a full size mirror is a sleek black plastic compact.
  • This is Nyx, so no shade names on the back on in the palette.






Application, Pigmentation & Wear.

The shadows are buttery soft. This is the new Nyx formula that has the cushiony feel of higher end shadows. They’re very pigmented and apply and blend out easily. Like I said it’s a very warm palette with some pops of cool burgundy and purples thrown in for good measure. It has four mattes, the rest are satin and I didn’t experience any fallout or kick-up from the shadows which are very vibrant.

I got about four hours of wear with primer before they started to fade. It wasn’t the sort of fade where half of your eye look just disappears. They fade gradually and loose vibrancy is all. Despite the warmth of the palette I like the shades well enough. The only thing missing is a dark crease shade and that top far left green shade would have worked better matte and a deeper green than the satin sage it is in my opinion. Swatches below.




Final Thoughts.

Should you do it? Should you be a complete arse and create a fake account so that you can get this palette too? If these shades appeal to you or you’re just pissed that for your birthday you’re getting a deluxe mascara while people that are new to the game are getting a full sized palette? I say go for it. I think it’s also being offered to August new sign-ups as well.

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