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Last week my local Ulta had a Bare Minerals event in store, I’ve been on a bit of a Bare Minerals kick since around November so when they asked me if I’d like to attend, I said yes. The brand has done some updating of their products that make them a bit more appealing to me. It’s one of those events that they don’t seem to tell everyone about, and you have to make appointments for.

I’ve also been to a Becca event at the same store when Ulta first launched Becca. That one was different though, it was held in the evening, no appointment necessary and was a lot more like a cocktail party with goody bags at the end of it all. This was held during the day and I got the first appointment slot off the day at 10:30 am. They had tables set up with all the products to be showcased for the day, I knew intellectually that Bare Minerals was pretty inclusive shade-wise, but I don’t think I realised just how inclusive the brand was until seeing everything in person.


Invisible Highlighters & Bronzers.


Mineral Veil.


BarePro Full Coverage Powder Foundation.


Skin Care: Serums & Oils.

There weren’t a lot of people about, like I said super early for a Saturday morning, but the makeup artists at the event were so awesome. They were a lively bunch, joking with the clients and they knew their stuff. My artist is particular was great, I think I found my white twin. She had all the same skin sensitivities that I do, and for the first time ever an MUA that wasn’t Asian actually matched me mostly correctly, but honestly no one can match me better than me so…




The products that seemed to be the main focus of the event were the BarePro Full Coverage Powder Foundation and the Complexion Rescue. Unfortunately everything else that they were offering for testing that day, I already owned so it was a good thing that the focus was these two, as they were already on my radar for testing. The MUA did use a few other products one me, one of which a brow pencil that I may go back to get.below is a few of the items that were used on my face.



The first thing that we tried was Complexion Rescue is 09 Chestnut. Before that though, she introduced me to a wonderful clay based cleanser, that unfortunately caused my skin to react almost immediately, because it very strong mandarin in it that none of us smelled, reading is fundamental y’all. The complexion rescue is a sort of tinted moisturiser with skin benefits, Bare calls it a hydration gel. The main purpose is to be a quick skin evening out tool for those days when you either don’t have time or the will for a whole face.

There are sixteen shades and I was matched to Chestnut, for deep skin with golden undertones. This is not precisely the right colour, because she matched me in the wrong area of my face, darker skin should always be matched from the centre of the face outwards because we have natural shading at the perimeter of our face, so the jawline is a no no. So Chestnut? It’s a little bit too dark, she had brought over 8.5 Terra initially, but both looked at it and say how neutral it was and shook our heads. 8 , Tan would most likely have been too light so we decided to rock with Chestnut. Once I went home and colour corrected though, it looked a bit better.

Complexion Rescue has a mousse like texture and gives surprisingly good coverage for a being a tinted moisturiser. It’s very difficult to blend in though, it slips all over the face even stippling it in, and doesn’t dry down quickly, remaining sort of moist looking and feeling even after you apply powder over it.



The first time I wore this it was a little bit yuck because after about three hours of wearing I looked an oily, hot ass mess since I was gardening with the girls, who by the way kept photo-bombing me as I was trying to take pictures. It kept coming off in patches, and it wasn’t even a hot day.




The second time I wore it was only slightly better. I coloured corrected, powdered the hell out of it and concealed so it didn’t look quite as grey around my mouth, it still oxidised and started to look muddy though. Even with powdering, I only lasted about two hours before I started to look oily and patchy again. Sorry for the low quality pictures (I was hiding from children!), it sucks because I don’t know if you can see the fine bumps starting to raise around my mouth, or that big cystic sucker that’s trying to come through on my cheek that started the first time I applied it. I only used it three times, once at the event and twice on my own.



Final Thoughts.

I don’t like the Complexion rescue, at first I didn’t notice how much darker it is, and it does oxidise. While I can most often wear a darker shade with no problem, sometimes it leaves me looking grey in certain areas like around my mouth and chin especially if it’s a product that oxidises, this one does. Second, it has a very very dewy finish that I think looks quite oily, it never really sets even with a powder on top and it came off in patches on my hand because it was uncomfortably tingly and i kept trying to scratch my face. It doesn’t do very much for texture and I’ve been having some issues cause it’s warming and I’m trying new skin care. In fact, it exacerbates all the texture on my face. Final point, my skin does not like it, I had a reaction and wound up with the start of some cystic acne that I’ve started treating.

This is a no for sensitive skin or oily-combo types. It’s odd because reading the ingredients list, there’s nothing there that should have made me react badly to this, but even in store it felt very uncomfortable on my face. Also, being in between shades is frustrating, I’d likely be able to wear this shade later on in the summer, but it’s not worth it for four months out of the year. Funny enough, when it sets a bit and transforms from looking wet the finish is lovely, and it does have pretty decent coverage. Someone who has less sensitive, much more dry skin will probably find this to truly be a complexion rescue for them, but for me this is a hard pass.

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