@Ulta BareMinerals In Store Event. BarePro Powder Foundation.



While at the event, I was going to get the Complexion Rescue, but I was sitting right next to the display of BarePro and I saw my literal perfect shade or two. I had a choice of Cardamom 23 or Hazelnut 25, both indicated for dark skin but Cardamom has golden undertones and Hazelnut neutral. I dunno if I’ve ever told you guys how I’m often attracted to the darker, wrong colour? I just love deeper colours because they look so rich, I wind up choosing them over the lighter shade that I should and that’s what happened here. I should have chosen Cardamom but I got Hazelnut instead. It doesn’t suck, since it’s only maybe a shade and a half darker so it still looks ok. It’s also not as neutral as they claim it to be. In fact it is kind of golden, I just can’t use too much or else I wind up with that muddy look.

It’s housed in a plain black compact that looks just like almost every other Bare compact, with a bottom compartment that holds a sponge for applying the product.






In my defence, I can’t always tell in store that a colour is incorrect because store lighting almost without fail is gross. The reason I got this is twofold. One, I’ve been trying to wear more powders when the weather is warm, because oily as hell. And also because I’ve heard such good things about this foundation that I felt the need to try it myself. Below I have swatches, as you can see it’s perfect on my arm, but if you’ve been with me for a while you know that if it’s perfect on my arm it’s usually too dark for my face. Look at that colour though? Doesn’t it look golden like a midday sun to you?



This powder looks exactly like the BareSkin Perfecting Veil except that one is lighter, more obviously golden and has so much more coverage. I like the finish because no matter how much you use, it still looks like skin. It’s supposed to be a full coverage powder, I didn’t really test that theory  because I don’t care for full coverage, but it built to medium very nicely while hiding all, and I do mean all my imperfections. Because the finish is natural, I think that building it full wouldn’t affect the look of it at all. Below I’m wearing it at medium coverage and as you can see, no acne peeking through. Unlike the Complexion Rescue, it doesn’t exacerbate texture but rather hides a decent amount of it, making your skin look better.



It doesn’t break down much, I got a full days wear out of it, and it does a good job of absorbing oil. When I did start to get oily instead of looking like an oil slick it sort of dispersed the oil and left a glow in it’s wake. It doesn’t sink into fine lines or acne marks, it just gives you a very natural finish without screaming hey I’m wearing powder.


Final Thoughts.

All those lovely aspects aside, it’s not exactly revolutionary. I mean it performs literally the same as my Urban Decay Naked Skin Ultra High Definition Powder, it even looks the same in terms of colour and undertone. However, the BarePro is six dollars less at $30 if price is something that matters to you. I think this is a great product though, and if you don’t have a powder that performs similarly and you’ve been looking for one, this is a great option. I dunno man, Bare Minerals is fast becoming one of my favourite brands, if you had told me that five years ago I would have laughed, but here we are.

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