Things Worth A Second Glance: Charlotte Tilbury.



I’m quite aware that I said the Charlotte Tilbury line wasn’t for me, thank you very much.

But sometimes…just…

Have you ever gone back and looked at something and saw it wholly differently? And dare I say more beautiful that you had originally suspected? That’s what happened here.

I sometimes read my old blog posts, and look at pictures. Let me tell you blog posts are the perfect fodder for obsessing on just how much weight you’ve lost or gained, what new imperfections have been obtained, and an all around rapid fire way to either boost ones self esteem or cause it to take a nose dive. On one such occasion, I wasn’t actually reading posts but rather organising my Google Drive folder and clearing out old pictures and files. I came across the photos that I’d take for the Charlotte Tilbury post and I realised that although at the time, I’d thought that blush was quite faint and barely noticeable it wasn’t. What it was, in fact, was merely quite subtle and natural looking although it was a pink which is completely not at all natural to my complexion.

Lest you forget, here’s the photo.



Seeing as I’d already fallen in love with the Light Wonder foundation, I decided to give the brand a second chance, and I’m rather pleased that I’ve done so.

Beautylish, SpaceNK, Nordstrom’s or Charlotte’s own website are the places to get the line in the US. Since I have a very good relationship with Beautylish, this was where I decided to get the rest of the things that I wanted. I went back and really looked at the line. I decided the only real way to make a good evaluation, was to not only choose things that i would naturally gravitate towards, but things that I wouldn’t like non liquid lipsticks.

I’m not going to obviously show you everything today, I’ll really only be focusing on colours suitable for medium-dark to darker skin tones because with this line, a fair skinned lady will have no problems finding something suitable.

I went back and I picked up two more of the blushes as well as the finishing powder. I think I mentioned before how absolutely in love I am with the style of the compacts. The compact for the finishing powder is even more stunning that one for the blushes and is more in line of what I was expecting for them all of it to look like.




The Flawless Finish Airbrush Powder comes in only three colours, since it’s merely a finishing powder and not a foundation powder, there’s some flexibility to who can wear what. I chose Dark based on recommendations, and this particular shade is indicated for medium/dark to dark complexions.




It’s obviously very neutral, and so at first I was concerned about that and almost sent it back without even using it. But I decided that I should at least give the $45 thing a try right? I promise my first reaction when I first used it was, holy…! In a good way.

Airbrushed indeed. I mean my face looked completely flawless and poreless. It was in fact slightly neutral, but after about an hour it seemed to have warmed to my face or maybe I just stopped noticing it. It also helps to keep oil at bay which is not something I was at all expecting, but that I welcomed because although I have combination skin I get oily at the drop of a hat. Like I said this is a finishing powder, so it doesn’t have much colour and so I was unable to get a usable swatch.

The two blushes that I got were The Climax and Sex On Fire.





The Climax is the blush that I spoke about in my NYX Ombre Blush review. It is a beautiful red brown satin, with a peachy gold matte middle, the part that you’re supposed to pop on the apples of the cheek. I however prefer to just swirl the colours together for a combination of both.



Sex on Fire has a neutral rosy pink outer ring, with a deep plum middle. Theoretically this should have been a beautiful mauve shade on me, but for some reason, no matter how I applied it I wasn’t able to get that look.



Although I wasn’t able to get Sex On Fire to work the way that I’d envisioned, The Climax more than made up for it. It’s turned into my go to when I just want to use something that’s fast and not have to worry about a highlighter as well.




I got two of the Matte Revolution lipsticks in Bond Girl and Very Victoria. I only got two because I’m no longer a fan of solid lipsticks and they’re never really as matte as they claim to be. I think I may have stated before that although the packaging for the line has a definite vintage feel, it doesn’t come off as dated. The lipstick tubes like the finishing powder, are made from very heavy metal that in a rosy gold shade, at $34 a pop you’ll feel the lux with these.




I chose probably the two most neutral shades from the entire range. Bond Girl is an allusion to Halle Berry’s turn as a Bond Girl, and it is a pinky warm brown that looks terrible on me as most browns do. It’s kind of sad since it is such a gorgeous shade, but it really does nothing for me. It tends to look like I’m not wearing anything at all and not in a good nude sort of way. I have had some success wearing it once or twice, but only when I’m doing a monochromatic very minimalist brown look, and even then a light application is necessary. I think it just may be too warm for my already very warm complexion.



Very Victoria is an ode to the class act that is Mrs Beckham in a neutral dark taupe that has slight pinky undertones. This one is gorgeous on me. It’s literally the perfect no fuss nude for me which was surprising seeing as I was quite worried about the shade. I can literally throw this on with no mirror, no liner and know that it’s going to look perfect every time.



Swatches below and me wearing Very Victoria.




Are these matte? Yes. I’ve never actually encountered a matte solid lipstick that is matte in finish, transfers minimally, and lasts the entire day until I got these. I can’t say for certain if Bond Girl performs that same as Very Victoria because I often wipe it off into hour one of wearing it (I just don’t like the way it looks on me), but Very Victoria does last almost as long as I want to wear it. If I do a full eight or beyond hours, I may reapply once. Are they drying? Slightly. But not in such an uncomfortable way that makes you want to want to give them a pass. Using a balm underneath is a no since it makes them disappear like a cream lipstick.


Final Thoughts.

I don’t think that I’m done exploring this brand as yet, and there’s some much to be learnt about it. For one thing, I’ve discovered that it’s meant to be built. Everything starts out subtle, and then sort of explodes. The lipsticks are bae, and I feel like I need to own more, and the ones I want seem to always be sold out, but they will be mine at some point.

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