The Year in Makeup Favourites 2016.

Happy freaking new year ya’ll!! I promise in 2017, I’m gonna get my blogging life together. Maybe. Ok, probably not but I’m gonna try real hard. This year was just a complete a-hole that you wanted to throat punch constantly, and it ended with George Michael dying on frikkin CHRISTMAS DAY!!! Like, what the actual F%$K 2016?!

I drove to my sisters house jamming to Last Christmas (best Christmas song EVER), and came home to Twitter on fire. I always snicker when I hear people upset about celebrities that die, like what the hell, do you even know them? Can I just say though?

This one hurt, really badly. I’m sure he’d never remember me, but not only have I been absolutely in love with George Michael since I was ten, but I’ve met him a few times when I was working for a magazine and wound up repeatedly at NYFW much to my dismay.

He was friends with the original super models and a slew of the designers so he could usually be seen in the tents in the early 90’s. Talk about a ridiculously kind, humble, personable individual that always seemed slightly uncomfortable with the adulation he received. Beyond that, there was just some indefinable quality about his music, post Faith after he found his own voice, that’s simultaneously uplifting and despairing. Listen Without Prejudice Vol. I is still my favourite album. So really, is anyone reealllyy sad to see 2016 go?

Ugh, feels callous to go from talking about George Michael to makeup but this is why we’re here after all folks. 2016, may have sucked in just about every other way, but it was a pretty great year for makeup innovations, and revolts. There are some of my favourites of the year, just the tops, there are some many others that didn’t make it…



Full Coverage/Luxury-Le Metier de Beaute.

Although the colour on this was off and it did oxidise, I still wore the hell out of it as much as possible. Why? Because not only does it hold up in the Georgia heat without slippage, with one pump complete flawless coverage is achieved.



Med/Full Drugstore-Sephora 10hr Wear Perfect Foundation-$20.

Yes, it is definitely perfect, and my second most reached for foundation. If you can find a shade, (aka if you lean peachy, golden or yellow) this is a one and done affordable gem.



Med/Full High-End- Laura Mercier Candleglow-$48.

This is the holy grail, I wear this almost daily (out of over ten foundations) and I never fail to get complements whenever I’m wearing it. The shade range is pretty decent with 22 shades, but they’re so flexible that the shade I wear is the summer also works well in the winter.




Luxury – Burberry, Dior, By Terry.

The Burberry Lip & Cheek Blooms are still my most reached for cream blushes because they last freakin forever. The new Dior ones that I got in the VIB sale comes a very close second. I prefer the Burberry simply because it’s more buildable and being less pigmented than the Dior, no mistakes happen. By Terry’s Sun Designer Palette is up there as well. They’re favourites not only for colour but longevity, none of these bad boys fade.





High End – Laura Mercier Cheek Dots.

I’d raved about the one that I’d gotten earlier this summer, but I didn’t say that I’d gone back and gotten the other two colours so I’ll show swatches of them. They were LE  but you can still find them with a good search at places like Net-A-Porter. For being very sheer, they’re amazingly pigmented not to mention long lasting.




Drugstore – Makeup Revolution.

These are well reached for as well because they provide long lasting colour and the palettes come complete with blushes and highlighters that double as blush toppers. Plus you can’t beat the price and the fact that a UK drugstore brand this awesome is available in Ulta.







High-End – Jouer and Stila.

The Jouer liquid lipsticks are hands down the best liquid lipsticks that I’ve tried so far in terms of comfort, longevity or hell, just anything, including the price point for a higher end brand. The Stila ones are pretty awesome as well, but Jouer has my heart particularly their metallic formulas.





Drugstore – BH

These are pretty freaking awesome as well, if the Jouer ones are out of your price range, then this is a very very good alternative. They’re not as consistent formula wise and the colour changes once it dries on your lips, but for the most part that’s a good thing. The prices fluctuate as well, so you may be able to pick them up at any time for less than $8.




High-End Laura Mercier, Illamasqua, Pur Strobing palette.

The Laura Mercier and Illamasqua highlighters are the ones that I reach for the most in powder form because the both provide very natural looking finishes just in different colours. The Illamasqua is the fave because of the peachy undertone of it.  The Pur palette for the very same reason, only in cream form and as a bonus it has both the same shades of the other two brands, and an additional darker bronzy shade.





Drugstore – L’Oreal.

I love the L’Oreal Lumi Highlighters because they did a stupendous job of duping Becca Shimmering Skin Perfectors at a fraction of the price. Unlike the Becca ones, they don’t feel heavy on my skin, and don’t make me uncomfortable.



Shadow Palettes.

High End – Illamasqua, Stila.

Illamasqua’s Vanitas Rose Golden Palette is easily the palette that I reach for before anything else, in fact it’s a struggle for me daily to not reach for it. The colours are so pigmented and long lasting and frigging easy. It’s just love.



I never did a review on them, but this summer I’d picked up two of the Stila Eyes Are The Window palettes and when I’m not reaching for the the Illamasqua palette, I’m usually reaching for the all matte Mind palette. I’ve only ever used mattes this good from one other brand. They’re soft and buttery, not dusty kick up, never apply patchy, pigmented and long lasting.





Drugstore – Beauty Treats.

These were the palettes that made me love mattes. For a drugstore brand, they can’t really be beat for price, pigmentation and longevity. In fact, these palettes were a lot better than some high end ones I purchased this year.



Finishing Powders.

Luxury – Guerlain Les Voilettes.

If for nothing else, the scent. But no, this is quite possibly the best translucent powder for dark skin that I’ve used, and those are hard to come by, even the ones that claim to be aren’t. The price is high, but crappy packaging aside, it’s worth it.



Drugstore – Soap & Glory.

This was my favourite because if the peachy glow that it imparts without being discoball shiny as all hell. Besides which, it’s perfect for all skin tones.



High End – Laura Mercier Candleglow.

Everything always comes back to LM doesn’t it? I mean what can I say, the brand is good. Like the foundations, these are pretty flexible what with running very dark. But since they’re mostly sheer, it’s forgiving.



Honourable Mentions.

Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation-For Being Inclusive…First.

Props to Hourglass for creating not only a stellar foundation, but being inclusive of ALL skin tones.



BareMinerals Warm Light Duo-Best Come Back.

The first was an epic fail, the follow-up more than made up for it.



Jouer Essential Matte & Shimmer Palette-Missed Greatness By A Hair.

If I hadn’t gotten the Illamasqua Vanitas Palette this would most likely be my most reached for neutral palette.



Sephora Collection Colourful Cheek Ink Gels- Close Enough To Touch Greatness

For being near as good as the Burberry Cheeks Blooms at a more manageable price.



Nars Narsissist Unfiltered I Blush Palette-Best Never Reviewed Blush.

Stay Tuned!



Final Thoughts.

So I’ve been thinking about GenBeauty, and although I have both my plane ticket and hotel reservation, I’m almost sure that I’m not going. I keep thinking about the crowds, the lines, the noise and I’m just like, what the hell? No.

Hope you really liked this roundup, late as it is.

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