The Vault: BH Cosmetics Metallic Liquid Lipstick & Nude Rose Highlighting Palette.



This post comes to you today, courtesy of being stranded in a parking lot and having to wait for a tow truck to come and rescue my butt. Luckily, I’m stranded in the parking lot of m favourite coffee shop so that takes some of the edge off. I usually do my posts from home, so I don’t know what made me take my laptop this morning when I came out to run errands, but thank goodness that I did. This though, was a post that I hadn’t really planned on doing maybe ever, but as it turns out these were the pictures that were already edited and on the laptop, everything else is on the portable, which I didn’t take with me.

I got these in December, just before the holidays (hence The Vault), and I was so disappointed in both of them that I really haven’t touched them since. But hey, here we are. I was actually waiting on pins and needles for both of these to drop on the BH site and got them right away.

The Nude Rose Highlighting palette is a continuation of the Nude line from BH which I don’t mess with very much because everything that I’ve tried so far has been meh or just bad, but I figured a highlighting palette would be fine yeah? Ok.

The packaging for the palette mirrors the rest of the line in that it’s a metal instead of the standard cardboard and contains a pretty large mirror. Inside you get four highlighting shades that range from an almost white shade with a champagne yellow shift, a pinky number also with shift, a rose gold and a deeper gold.








Now I have no problem with the shades in this palette, most of them will work for most skin tones. They’re not very unique, I mean as far as highlighters go, these are pretty standard fare. However, the problem with these is the texture of the powders. They’re very chunky, some with large pieces of glitter in them that don’t blend very well. For once, this really is a drugstore product that performs like one from BH. They really are the opposite of subtle, there’s really no way to get only a minimal amount on a brush, every dip of the brush is gonna pic up tons of product that tapping of the brush won’t necessarily get rid off. The finish at least on my skin tone, for all of them is extremely brassy and just too much, besides which, it has a  lot of fall-out, how does that even happen with a highlighter palette? Swatches below.



I also got a few of the metallic liquid lipsticks, I’d only picked up three of the shades because only three really spoke to me and I already had the Jouer ones that I really liked, in fact the only ones that I got were the ones I hadn’t been able to get from Jouer at that point which included a pretty purple number. They’re the typical BH liquid lipstick packaging, so nothing special there. The three shades that I got were Amber (bronzy brown), Lucinda (metallic purple), and Lucy (cranberry).




Let me preface this by saying that I love the colours, ok, I love two of them. Amber I should never have gotten, like browns, I don’t look good in bronze lips and I’m legit the only brown girl I know that doesn’t. Something it really wrong with me. Lucinda is that true purple metallic that I was looking for and Lucy is, if nothing special, at the very least a very nice shade. They apply really well with one swipe and for the most part I didn’t even need to use a lip liner because when I use it to line my lips, that portion inexplicably dried darker than the rest and looked like a liner.





My problem with these is that they are very uncomfortable to wear. It doesn’t have huge chunks of glitter than can be felt or anything like that so I’m not even sure how to describe the feeling of discomfort, but I was just always aware that I had them on my lips and this applied to all of them. Additionally, even with a lip balm underneath, they are still very drying and they start being drying immediately after applying. In truth, the longest I managed to keep one of these on is maybe an hour? No more than that, I just could not stand to have the on.


Final Thoughts.

Both of these are a seriously hard pass for me. There is no reason that a pressed highlighter should have fallout, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that happening before. There are so many better drugstore highlighters out there that even at $10, this not a bargain in the least. The liquid lipsticks were such a disappointment, this is exactly the type of metallic liquid lip that I’ve always dreaded getting, drying and uncomfortable. But maybe there are others can wear these more comfortably than I can, who know.

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