NEW! Ulta Collection Complexion Products.



I’ve been trying to get this post done forever, but I keep having to put out fires which sucks because this is a good one. I’d gotten these when I did the Ulta haul and picked up the highlighters a few months back, and like the highlighters the items I’m reviewing today are mostly on the bomb side.

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What’s New At The Drugstore: Ulta Collection Illuminating Powders.



Unlike Sephora Collection products, Ulta branded products have never been a must try for me. I’ve gotten some items that I like from gift with purchase, but something always stopped me from getting anything else. Might have to do with the only two palettes that I’ve gotten being basura, or the fact that I don’t very much care for their packaging. Even though Sephora is also a store brand, I find their packaging much more pleasing to my sense of aesthetics and in the last two or so years, I’ve yet to try a product that was truly terrible or felt/wore like cheap makeup. I decided to get over myself and try some Ulta when I was doing my massive drugstore haul.

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