In Today’s Edition of Stuff People Are Losing Their Minds Over, Jouer Powder Highlighters.



Soooo…apparently these are a big deal. Such a big deal in fact that as soon as they get restocked, anywhere, they sell  right the heck out. But you know what? They can have mine, for real cause as much as I love Jouer, I do not love these highlighters in the least. I’ll explain why, but you know, wanted to put that right out there from the jump.

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What’s New At The Drugstore: All These Nyx Cheek Products.

I’d started this off by just doing a review on all the rest of my Nyx purchases, but it was getting extremely long and picture heavy so I split em up. Anywhoo…

My Nyx haul was all kinds of fail. Well the portion of it that came from Nyx itself was anyway, Ulta came through is about five days products perfectly intact. Nyx took 17 days and damn near everything was broken. Yeah. They were pretty nice about it though once I reached out them on Twitter about the fiasco. They told me not to bother sending the broken items back, but they still gave me a full refund while letting me keep the unbroken items.

The Items that I’d gotten from Nyx were three of their Duochromatic Illuminating Powders ($8) and that shade of the Total Control Drop Foundation in Mocha which I’d come to realise would be the wrong colour.

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