New For Fall: Kiko Milano Neo Noir Collection



Autumn is officially here. In makeup land anyway. It seems like every year the new collections debut earlier and earlier, soon we’ll be having the Autumn in June. Which you know, won’t suck because I tend to prefer the Fall offerings anyway cause the colour schemes are generally the ones that I prefer cause I’m a boring bitch.

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Tarte LE Tarteist Blush Palette.



I got this as part of my Ulta Platinum Haul, this isn’t going to be an overly long post as there isn’t a whole lot to say beyond ranting and screaming. I bought, I saw, I was epically disappointed.

This is one of the latest of the Tarteist collection, I love Tarte blushes so I jumped on the chance to get four of them in one slim palette for only $38, plus with points and a 20% off coupon, my entire order was less than $10 more than the price of this palette. I thought I’d made out like a bandit. Until I had the palette in hand.

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NEW! Kiko Limited Edition 20th Anniversary Less is Better Capsule Collection.



To celebrate their 20th birthday, Kiko recently launched the limited edition Less is Better Collection. It consists of liquid highlighters, matte liquid lipsticks, two cream blushes, shadow pencils and a nine pan shadow palette. This collection is a collaboration with the brand SuperDuper Handmade hats, and is a completely nude collection meant to emphasise the no makeup look, whilst celebrating natural beauty. This is a limited edition collection that I find rather odd as a Spring debut. Spring makeup debuts are generally either bright or whimsical creatures, whereas this collection plays with very dark, yet muted colours that are usually associated with Fall or Winter.

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Collective Vacation Haul: Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Kiss and Blush Palette.



Who else was excited when this baby dropped?! Cream blushes from Tarte? Yaaaassss! You guys know that I’m obsessed with the Rainforest collection because of the packaging, and this was no different. The five cream blushes and one highlighter are housed in beautiful round golden compact, with a full sized mirror and the most gorgeous painted lid. The names aren’t printed on the interior of the compact but rather the back.

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Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette Surreal Ligh…Umm…Hard Pass



C’moooonnn man!!

One step forward, five back huh? This palette was so much fail in one space that I just can’t. Forget about the size, I was prepared because even though last year’s didn’t bother me too much, I did say that it wasn’t worth the $80 price tag. This year, was all new colours and I’m not above throwing handfuls of cash at something that I really want.

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New! Bobbi Brown Cheek Glow Palettes.



Bobbi Brown debuted these Cheek Glow Palettes in the early part of January I believe. I dithered around picking them up because I’ve never used a Bobbi Brown product and $50 seemed a bit steep for an unknown. 

People rave about the brand all the time, particularly about how inclusive it is to women of colour and has always been, so eventually I sucked it up and got three of the four available shades. This post came along so late because the shade that I really wanted was sold out forever, it’s the popular girl.

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What’s New At The Drugstore+Dupe Alert! Makeup Revolution Retro Luxe Matte Lip Kits.



Makeup Revolution has a bunch of new stuff available on the Ulta site, and I should stress though that it’s only new to Ulta because a lot of them have been available since late December, early January. These are obviously a dupe for the Kylie Lips Kits of which I own none, and never will, but the idea of having a perfectly paired lip liner without having to purchase it separately intrigues me so I got all the available colours. As of right now there are only five shades in the Retro Luxe Matte range available from Ulta. Noble, Echelon, Regal, Reign and Grandee.

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