NEW!! Jouer Cosmetics Limited Edition Spring Collection.



Since I’ve been trying to get posts back on the site after losing most of them, I haven’t been doing a whole lot of purchasing because I’ve been distracted. But like the Too Faced collection, I had actually set an alarm for this launch way ahead of time and was checked out of the website probably five minutes after it dropped. In fact I was done minutes before I received the official launch email from Jouer. *attempts to pat self on back and fails*

The collection is mostly rose gold themed and contains an eye shadow palette, two lip products in a rose gold shade and a powder highlighter also in, yeah, rose gold.

The lip cream is probably my least favourite so far, but I sort of knew that going in.

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In Today’s Edition of Stuff People Are Losing Their Minds Over, Jouer Powder Highlighters.



Soooo…apparently these are a big deal. Such a big deal in fact that as soon as they get restocked, anywhere, they sell  right the heck out. But you know what? They can have mine, for real cause as much as I love Jouer, I do not love these highlighters in the least. I’ll explain why, but you know, wanted to put that right out there from the jump.

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