Get Ready/Get To Know Me; Chit Chat While Trying Clinique Even Better Glow Foundation.

Y’all…why did I completely forget to upload the post for yesterday? Oh yeah, probably because I have a lung infection all I wanted to do was get some sleep last night. Don’t worry, better late than never and since it’s a video no harm no foul. It’s a long on though so settle in to see me in my true form, a total and absolute ass.

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Spring Launches: Clinique BIY Blend It Yourself Adjusting Drops.



Lemme tell you, this thing made me so freaking mad! So mad, that I may have tweeted something really bitchy at Clinique. Maybe.

This is a colour adjustment, high pigment liquid just like the Cover Fx drops. There are twelve shades, and I’d estimate that about four of them fall into the tan to dark range. As of right now this is an Ulta exclusive and I chose my shade, 155 the second to last, on a wing, a prayer and the iffy swatch provided on the Ulta site since there are no colour descriptors on the site, this is where Sephora has Ulta beat most of the time.

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