So This Happened…

You may have noticed that I’ve been gone for a little while now, a little less than two weeks?

What happened was I tried to switch hosting companies and in the process not only lost my service for this long, but also wound up losing all my content and access to the site. Yeah. Four years, tons of media files and over 400 hundred posts, not to mention subscribers and what not. Thank god I still owned my domain name. 

So now I’ll have to be building out the site again over the next few weeks so don’t be surprised if you see multiple posts pop up in your email box from time to time (speaking of, please go ahead and resubscribe). I’ll also be doing reviews of new items as I get them, and in the last couple weeks I’ve gotten a lot.

Welcome back to the craziness that is my life.


7 thoughts on “So This Happened…

    • Thanks chick. I was able to find some archived versions of blog posts and I’ll be uploading them all again. I’m just glad the subscriptions held and you guys have been able to get post notifications, that being said, if you see something in your email box that you already have don’t freak out!

  1. So…no lie!! I was on Google hunting last night for your blog because yes, I had noticed that you had been M.I.A. and I wanted to hear from you and know that all was well. I am elated that you have posted. Missed you, Chica! Hi!!!

    • Damn, you certainly know how to make a chick feel special 😀 The good thing is the blog is up and running, the bad thing is that I’ve lost a lot of stuff, including posts that I’ve written in the last two months. Booo! But hey, at least I’m back and with new stuff to boot so…

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