Sephora VIB Haul: Caudalie Beauty Elixir (Jason Wu Edition)

The Sephora VIB Rouge Sale was last weekend and the regular VIB sale was this weekend into today. I may have gone a little ham, on both sales. I used my own account for the Rouge sale and then my sisters for the VIB sale. What? She wasn’t gonna use it anyway. Much.

Anywhoo I shopped in store and online and so all of the items that I got haven’t arrived yet. I went mostly high end this year, in past years I’ve used the VIB sale to get all the Holiday sets that I’d been eyeing, but since I’m pretty much off holiday sets this year, I got a lot of brands and items that I’ve been absolutely dying to try. I’m in the process of trying everything, forming opinions and taking pictures at the moment, but I wanted to share with you guys this little gem that was the first thing that I tried and was wowed by.

I had seen this when I was looking for a new setting spray when I got the Boscia White Charcoal one, it was a pretty close race between it and this one. I didn’t get it at the time because I wasn’t sold on the properties, plus I had just gotten some Caudalie skin care items and I was less than impressed. But I heard someone else rave about it so while I was traversing The Gauntlet, aka Sephora’s checkout line, I decided to pick up the travel size for $18.



I got the Jason Wu version for no other reason than it’s pretty. There is nothing different in the formulation he’s just a designer that has worked with some beauty brands, most notably Lancôme.

So as to what this is, it’s a multi-faceted product lemme tell ya. It’s a refresher, a setting spray and toning mist that is supposed to aid in getting rid of dull skin and uneven skin tone. You can use it as a setting spray a toner after night time skin care as well as a pick me up during the day. About all that stuff? I don’t even care because the truth is when I used it the first time, I found out that the hype was oh so real. I love a matte finish, however, sometimes it can get a little too matte and then adding matte setting spray on top of it becomes yikes.

I have very few Oh! moments, this was one of them. I had over matted my face, and still needed to use setting spray or else. I closed my eyes and misted. By the by, this has one of the best pumps I’ve encountered with such a spray, usually I spray a bit first to clear the pump and even then I can get some droplets. This is legit a mist, every time.



It also has the most refreshing scent, strong as all heck, but it fades in a few minutes. In any case, back to my thought before it escapes as per usual. When I opened my eyes after misting, I had an Oh! moment because my face instantly looked less matte, more dewy in a very subtle glow from within way, not a shiny way, and does it extend the wear of foundation? Yes. And I have yet to have a reaction because this has four ingredients

-Grape Extracts: Promote Radiance.
-Rose Extracts: Tone skin.
-Benzoin, Myrrh, and Essential Oil of Organic Mint Balm: Provide astringent properties.
-Orange Blossom Water: Softens skin

It’s also completely clear, so no worries about being whited out or some such nonsense. When you first get the bottle there looks to be a bit of an oily film, but after you shake, it disappears. What is that? It’s the essential oils floating to the top.


Final Thoughts.

Since I see myself using this quite a bit by not only using it after makeup but incorporating it into my skincare routine, I’m going to pick up another one so that I don’t run out soon, I’m tempted to get the larger size which is $49…we’ll see. Are we on board for makeup products that double as skin care items that don’t have yucky ingredients? Yes, we so are.

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