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I’ve been loving the new Sephora Collection additions lately. The newest items added to my arsenal include the new Make No Mistake Foundation Stick, the Tinted Cooling eye primer and although not really new, I picked up two of the new shades of the Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick.

Tinted & Cooling Eye Primer in Deep Taupe – $14.



I chose this eye primer after some deliberation. Initially I was either going to get the new Smashbox eye primer in brown, or the the new Urban Decay primer in Caffeine which is also a brown. I got this because on the website it looks like a deep brown and since I was already getting a bunch of Sephora collection stuff. There are five shades and two finishes of this. It comes in matt and shimmer, and in the shades Nude (shimmer), Pink Beige (matte) Taupe (shimmer), Deep Taupe (matte) and Beige (matte).

As I said I found out when this came that it’s not a deep brown like I thought, but it is in fact a grey taupe. I was initially disappointed but I really like it so no worries.

  • It’s very long lasting, my shadows stayed mostly bright for about eight hours.
  • It makes any shadow you put on top of it really pop.
  • It’s comfortable, doesn’t ball up or flake off.
  • Does dry darker than the initial swatch below.
  • Is smooth enough to wear as a pretty nude eye shadow on it’s own.



Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick in Pretty Auburn & Chai – $14.


I feel like I don’t even have to show these to you cause I think everybody knows them by now. Sephora has had these for a while and I’ve owned two that I’ve since used up and not repurchased because the colours were discontinued. Lately they seem to getting new traction, likely because Sephora revamped the formula and added a bunch of new colours. Personally I’m not sure how much I like this new formula, and the colours are a bit deceiving which why I only picked up the two I was sure about.

I picked up the shades Chai and Pretty Auburn because I had seen them swatched somewhere and fell in love with the colours. Chai is what you might expect and a cool toned taupe. Pretty Auburn does in fact remind of that dark reddish brown of auburn coloured hair. Unlike some liquid lipsticks that can dry down to a completely different colour than what you thought it was, these come out and stay exactly the way you apply them. Swatches below.


According to Sephora, these liquid lippies offer long wear in a range of colour choices. They’re claiming that there is no need to reapply these from morning to night. Some of the claims are true, but …

  • 39 shades to choose from, some really very unique shades.
  • long lasting, easier to remove with some sort of oil.
  • the price point is great for what gives high  end brands a run for their money.
  • doesn’t flake or crack.
  • complete coverage in on swipe, dries just slowly enough to give you time to work.
  • Can be a little bit drying depending on the colour (formulation).
  • I was aware of it on my lips the entire time I was wearing them.

I got a full day’s wear out of both of these. I enjoyed wearing Pretty Auburn a lot more than Chai, as the latter was more drying. That can happen with lighter colours though because the formulation is slightly different.


Make No Mistake Foundation & Concealer Stick in Walnut (13) – $20.


I’m a fan of stick foundations. But to this day I have yet to find one that doesn’t break down into a greasy mess on my face because of my combo-oily skin. The Hourglass Vanish foundation, and at times if conditions are wrong, I can still get a bit shiny with that one. Sephora claims that this is for all skin types from oily to dry and I’m really not sure that’s possible. I did have some interesting things happens with this foundation that are so contradictory though…

It comes in your typical stick foundation tubular container, matte black and for $20 you get .41oz of product which I believe is pretty standard for a stick foundation.




First, there are sixteen shades of this foundation, with eight of them being WOC friendly. My issue with this foundation is definitely not in the colour range, but in the undertone range. Almost all of the shades, especially the dark shades, have olive undertones. I decided to rock with it and based on their swatch chart and it being summer, I went with 13 even though 12 Chestnut seemed like I good option as well. After using Walnut, I will probably get Chestnut for winter. Swatches below.


On first glance Walnut looks pretty good. It looks warm and is almost a perfect match for my skin tone. What I discovered later on while wearing it, is that it oxidises olive, particularly if you go full coverage. Can I fix it? Well yeah, and it’s doesn’t suck too too bad, but you’ll see in the pictures below. So my findings on this foundation;

  • Applies easily and is is very easy to blend.
  • Doesn’t sit on top of the skin the way a lot of stick foundations can.
  • Even at medium coverage will cover damn near all of your imperfections.
  • Is relatively comfortable to wear.
  • Doesn’t look or feel heavy and cakey at medium coverage.
  • Was great on my combo oily skin.
  • Natural satin matte finish, oils broke through at hour four, but it just added a glow.
  • Lasted about eight hours with no slipping in this heat and humidity.
  • Can be worn without powdering.
  • Is better suited for those with oily-comb skin, it will put dry patches on blast.
  • Transfer happened once my oils started breaking through, setting with powder eliminates that.
  • Although it’s mostly comfortable, I could still feel it on my face, not terribly uncomfortable though.
  • Satin matte, but it is quite luminous eve with powder, more so when your oils start to break through.

I wore it two ways. The first time I wore it at medium coverage without powder. I went to a cheerleading event in ninety degree weather and it didn’t miss a beat. Didn’t slip or break down on me for the three hours I was outdoors. Photos below and in this picture I’m wearing Chai.



The second time I wore it, I did so at full coverage just to take pictures because I’m not a fan of full coverage. I had some interesting feelings about the full coverage. I these pictures I’ll show you how well it covers by first showing you half my face with and the other half without the foundation. Pictures in both indoor and outdoor lighting. As you’ll see from the outdoor lighting, it does oxidise more olive.

Although it looks ashy in the outdoor lighting, it really isn’t my camera just tends to pick up more cool tones to compensate for the warmth of my skin tone, and I haven’t found a way to fix that yet. So for a true representation of what it looks like, the indoor picture is probably the better option.



In these second set of pictures my face is done completely. Full powdered and laid. I’m also wearing the Pretty Auburn lipstick. Even though I liked the eventually outcome of foundation, I wouldn’t wear it full coverage because it continued to oxidise olive on me and that’s not cute. The first picture in indoors and the second, outdoors.



Final Thoughts.

As usual, I’m here for Sephora Collection, although they could stand to extend the range of the foundation to some truly warm, yellow or golden undertones, it’s pretty much good to go and worth a look at $20. More power to you if you fall into the olive range and can find a shade that matches. I wanna be salty about the undertones, but truth be told, dark skinned olive girls have a helluva time finding shades to match them so this is a win.

The primer and lip colours are also great and I already have some other shades in my cart. The primers could use some true deep brown shades, but these work very well. If my review was helpful and has encouraged you to go bankrupt just like me, my work here in done

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