Rihanna Out Here F#&%$ing Up The Foundation Game.



On the real, this isn’t even the post that I meant to do today, I was waiting for the holiday collection to drop and then do everything together, but you know what? I’ve been using this foundation for like three weeks and my feelings are well known and aren’t likely to change so let’s go. Ms Rih Rih decided to break us off some fabulous foundation and cue the social media excitement and subsequent hate. While WOC, particularly black women were over the moon, a lot of people took to social media to be bitter hags with the it’s not that special, what’s the big deal, other brands…blah, blah, blah.

Well yes miss lady, it actually is special and a really big damn deal because even though other brands may be inclusive…eventually, most just aren’t and don’t care to be. Cause let’s be real here, it usually takes brands years to develop dark shades because they want to see how the market does, but ostensibly because dark shades are harder to create… What??

Darker Foundations Are Harder To Make.

Um yeah, so that’s a damn lie. As someone that creates makeup and is very good at creating foundations, darker shades are actually much much easier to make, I have a helluva a time making very light shades and honestly they’re just not as fun for me to make. But just to prove to you how easy dark shades are created, here are two shades that I whipped up in my kitchen in less than 15 minutes, step by steps pictures below,  and look, they even have *gasp* undertones that aren’t red or orange. They’re olive and golden.








  • As for seeing how the market does? Here’s a tip, if the shades aren’t available, no one can buy them so the data you get from market watching is crap.
  • When brands are so called inclusive right out the gate, most of them think black women only come in two undertones, red and yellow and if we’re “lucky”, orange (looking at you Mac). Keep that.
  • Of the brands that are truly inclusive like Nars and Lancôme, meaning all shades and a variety of undertones, unless you live in a major metropolis or have access to one, as a black woman, good luck finding your shade anywhere but online, even drugstore foundations.
  • So yeah, Fenty Beauty debuting forty shades on first launch with all shades being available in every. damn. Sephora? Better believe it’s a big deal.
  • Here’s another tip I’ve been giving people lately, let this be the way you view the world from now on, just because you don’t experience something? Doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen.

My Fenty Journey.

When I went into Sephora to swatch the shades I was so confused, this will happen when all of a sudden you have actual choices rather than having to settle for what’s given to you and making it work. I finally decided on two shades and got samples of both to take home with me to test before making my final purchase online. The two shades that I settled on were 390 and 400.  400 looked to me to be a bit dark, but hey choices and all that.

  • 400 hundred did wind up being too dark, and the dry down on this foundation is darker so it wound up looking very dark even though I’m just coming off of summer colour so ultimately I went with 390.
  • Both of the foundations are initially close enough in colour though the undertones are slightly different, 400 is as warm as 390, but it has more red in the undertones making it unsuitable for me.
  • Another thing that happened is the darker colour went super oily on me, but that happens with a lot of foundations for me when the shade is too dark.


The packaging for the entire collection is really cute, I only picked up the foundation because when I went to the launch at the Sephora close to me, the crowds were just too much for me so I grabbed my samples and fled. The aesthetic of the brand speaks to me though, it’s minimalist and sleek, I don’t even care about the white colour scheme that’s destined to be filthy. The bottle that foundation comes in is a frosted glass with a white cap and a pump with a hole in the nozzle that may be a bit too wide. I say that because the foundation is very liquid and watery, so it needs to be stored upright or I find that it will leak through that nozzle.




You get just over an ounce for $34, and listen if I had made this foundation myself the finish could not be better, this particular shade is very warm, it could have been either a little peachier or more golden and it would have just been everything. As it stands, it’s pretty damn good. I get a full day’s wear out of it with not slip or fading unless I touch my face excessively.

I love a couple of things about this. It’s not by any means full coverage,, it probably could be if you work really hard at it, I don’t because I don’t like full coverage. It’s a very perfect looking your skin but better foundation. I don’t have to powder with this, in fact when I do powder I think it ruins the finish and it winds up looking cakey and showing the texture on my face, so I haven’t since the initial time that I tried.

Pictures below , I was feeling myself. A lot. So were the boys, I got two new boyfriends just off the strength of this foundation. Ok, not really, but I was feeling myself.



Final Thoughts.

It doesn’t cover all my imperfections, but that’s ok, I’m the chick that likes for them to just barely be seen so I still look human and not plastic. If you haven’t picked up this foundation yet I truly don’t know what you’re waiting on. This is the line that I can truly say that has a shade for everyone, from the palest to the darkest.

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