Ridiculous SpaceNK Lord & Berry Haul!



This was not the post that was to happen today, but I wanted to let you guys know about this so that you could get in while the getting is good because SpaceNK sales are like unicorns. They happen once, maybe twice a year. But when they do, they’re kind of ridiculous.

Like Beautylish, they’re a boutique cosmetics reseller, so think luxury brands like By Terry and some that you haven’t even heard of stateside. They have more brands than Beautylish, but there is some overlap. While their customers service is definitely on par with Beautylish, I’ve built a relationship with Beautylish over years and it feels less business-y so I tend to shop their more. So if you can imagine getting a foundation that normally costs $85 for $15 or $20, that would be a SpaceNK sale.

They’ve been having a sale for a couple of weeks now and it’s winding down, but you can still get some pretty awesome stuff. One of the brands that they currently have on sale is Lord & Berry, an Italian makeup brand that I’ve been wanting to try for eons. I’d see it on Hautelook, but I can never find reviews or swatches because for some reason only international bloggers seem to review it. In any case the prices right now are crazy, nothing is over $9. So you know I went a bit nuts yeah?

I got three of the Timeless Kissproof Liquid Lipsticks ($25) for $7 each, two of the 20100 Matte/Shiny Lip Pencils ($20) for $6 each. A bronzer ($29) in Biscotto for $7, Cream Foundation ($38) in Macchiato for $9, two blushes ($29) for $7 each and the Luminiser Stick in Moon ($22) for $5. Oh and since I was there and running out, the Micellar water ($32) for $8. Everything is packaged rather simplistically, you wouldn’t know that you’re buying what’s considered luxury makeup in Europe (regardless of the price) based on the packaging. The boxes are plain white, with black lettering and all the containers are black plastic. Somehow, it still manages to look chic and not cheap.

Let’s start off with the things that I like less than others, I don’t hate them, but…

The Timeless Kissproof Lipsticks. When I first opened the boxes I thought that I had been sent three of the same shade they looked so similar. I got the shades Bazaar, Blossom and Muse.




Even upon swatching, the colours still look remarkably similar, and when they they dry down they look even more alike. IMAG6741



When you apply them to the lips, I guess because they interact with your undertones when on, so they start to show their differences. Part of the issue for me is that SpaceNK has really bad pictures in terrible, washed out lighting and no swatches or descriptions of anything. I wound up getting as much as I did because the products were priced so low that I couldn’t resist, and they have a great return policy so I knew that anything that I really didn’t want I could send back.

So what didn’t I like about these? Well, they’re the type of liquid lipsticks that apply streaky. The formula is really thick, but somewhat chalky? I don’t really know how to describe them, but the initial application is unpleasant and you need to cover it at least three times to get good coverage. Then, they take a very long time to dry down, I mean at least five minutes long, and it’s the type of liquid lipstick that if you apply too much, you’ll get that crusty build-up on the inner portion of your lip. On the good side, they’re very comfortable and don’t dry out the lips. A lip balm isn’t necessary and I would actually warn against it as I believe that would make the dry down time even longer.

They are budge proof, I ate, drank among other things and it lasted my entire day with some fading, and they fade cleanly without staining. But I don’t really recommend these unless you’re getting them on sale, at $20 there are much much better alternatives that also happen to be cheaper. The lipsticks are really the only thing that I really disliked and my dislike isn’t even really that great, because I’ll still wear them when I have a day that I don’t have to rush the hell out of the house, they’re all pretty perfect nudes.

The lip pencils that I chose were a chore because I couldn’t pick the finish as SpaceNK doesn’t have them listed as such. It turn out that I picked one of each. Audice is very dark red matte and Plum is a glossy purple with a pink undertone and a blue shift.




I love Audice, but I absolutely hate Plum and it’s a combination of reasons. One, I’ve never liked that shade. Something about it triggers the rage centres of my brain. Second, it’s glossy, I don’t like glossy lips. I don’t like reapplying my lipstick, once they’re gone, I let them go. And I absolutely despise that hyper transfer thing they do and that slick feeling on my lips. I’m just not about that glossy life man.



The bronzer that I got comes in three shades that range from light to dark, Toffee, Biscotto and Sienna. I’ve pretty much learned my lesson on getting the darkest bronzer shades with European brands. Unlike the darkest shades available in most mainstream American brands that are never dark enough, the darkest shade is usually too dark and red for me in most European brands, so this time I opted for the middle shade in Biscotto.




Pretty good guess on my part because this is almost the perfect shade, in fact it’s actually a bit too dark at the moment and when I used it, I wound up looking very close to my summer shade as you’ll see in pictures below. This is a matte bronzer, it has no luminosity at all. I think that it will also double well as a finishing powder as it has a pretty decent amount of coverage. This is a dark medium shade with a lovely golden undertone to it. Swatches below, keep in mind that normally my left arm is significantly darker than my face, especially during winter, and Biscotto is very close to the shade of my arm right now.




It’s a really finely milled powder, and as is wont with those sorts of powders, there is a fair amount of kick-up. I wouldn’t advise swirling a brush in the container, but rather tapping it to pick up product, trust me, you’ll pick up a crap load of product that way.

I resisted the urge to get more than two blushes, I mean they were only $7 so I was hella tempted, but you know a lack of descriptions and crappy pictures aided the decision to get only two. I chose one of the blushes based simply off the name, Light Plum, and the other  Sunkissed, because I’d seen swatches of it previously. Light Plum is as you would expect, a mid-toned plummy shade with a deep pink undertone. Sunkissed is beautifully neutral terracotta brown, for a natural look.




Based off website pictures I was expecting them to be really light, but found that they were super pigmented and they build so well. They’re really finely milled, so they apply with no patchiness or hitching, but they also don’t have that powdery kick-up that you sometimes get from finely milled powders like the bronzer.



I had to get the luminiser, had to. I mean how can I get blush without a highlighter right? Moon is a champagne gold, that I found a bit stiff the first time I used it because I tried to blend it with my fingers. Turns out, it doesn’t do that well. The next time I used a brush and it blended fine, giving a very subtle highlight to the cheeks. However, it is pigmented enough that if you want disco ball highlight you can do that, but it’s versatile enough to sheer almost all the way out. Normally I’m not a fan of champagne gold highlighters as they can look a bit white on my dusky skin, but I didn’t have that issue here, it simply blended in with my natural tone to give a lit from within glow.





As for the lasting power of the blushes,  I got about six hours of wear from Sunkissed, Light Plum less because I cleaned my face after about four hours of wearing it. In the first picture I’m wearing Sunkissed and it’s a very natural looking terracotta so it just barely shows up on camera. The second picture I’m wearing Light Plum and the Illuminator in Moon.



The one thing from this brand that I’ve always been really keen to try was the cream foundation, but I could never for the life of find swatches or colour descriptions of the two shades that I thought might suit me, Caramel or Ginger,, even on the official Lord & Berry site. By the time that I wound up getting this from SpaceNK, those two colours were sold out, I finally settled on the next colour I thought might be workable for me based on cached Hautelook photos, Macchiato. I didn’t worry that the colour might have been too light because for real? I haven’t worried about a foundation shade since I got not only the Clinique BIY drops, but a couple of other mixers that I really like.

It’s a very thick foundation and even though I didn’t have an issue with the looks of the plastics squeeze bottle, the first time that I used it, it made so much more sense to have it packaged that way. This foundation is thick, so thick that it takes a fair amount of effort to get it out of the tube. In addition to being thick, it’s sticky, but not yuck sticky. It’s just so thick that if you put a finger in it…ok, know that thing that happens when you pull on hot mozzarella? Yeah, that happens. Funny enough, that texture doesn’t transfer to the skin and it doesn’t cause the foundation to feel uncomfortable or anything like that, in fact you can’t even  feel the it on the skin. It is waterproof however, and I’ve found that sticky texture to be inherent to almost all of the waterproof foundations I’ve tried.





The foundation starts off at medium coverage, straight up. There is no sheer or light coverage with this foundation it has way too high a pigment content for that to happen. The pigment content is so high, that the small swatch on my arm right there is enough for my face. I mentioned that I just sorta winged my shade, while the colour was right (for winter), the undertones were just too far on the yellow side to be flattering. I added the Clinique BIY drops to it, and I may have gone ham the first time cause  I added two drops darkening it, then topped it with the bronzer before I realised it was too dark and wound up being very bronzed, that’s the first picture. In the second picture, a few days later, I only used one drop of the BIY and decided against the bronzer or any powder at all to give the foundation a chance to shine through.



So this foundation is kinda awesome. In the second picture I wore this all day, I applied it around 9:30am, then I spent a few hours running errands among other things. Two of those hours was spent sitting in direct sun on the patio of a coffee shop, anyone that has sat in direct sun for even a half hour knows that you can get oily easily, especially if your skin in prone to oiliness. That photo was taken at around 17:30 in fading light, hence the sort of washed out colours. But it still looks fresh and new huh? Didn’t even need to blot once. In addition to just being awesome looking and wearing, it has some skin care benefits being loaded down with hyaluronic acids, moisturisers and argan oil and phytosqualene (a naturally occurring oil in the skin that can be found most commonly in olive oil, but also wheat germ oil, amaranth, rice bran and palm oils) . When I think of those ingredients, I find it kinda crazy that I didn’t get very oily or at the very least, sprout a pimple here and there.

The Last thing that I picked up, the Micellar Water, might be the oddest micellar water I’ve ever seen, or they sent me the wrong thing, but I don’t think they did. Why is it odd? Well for one thing it’s yellow, I’m used to micellar water being clear.



Colour aside, I can’t really be mad at this thing. Remember how I said that I don’t trust micellar water to remove all of my makeup so I always wash after? Well, if I wear going to use an oil and not wash afterwards, it would be this one. It removed waterproof makeup in one go, with one cotton ball. Usually I have to use a few to get at least half my makeup off. Plus side, no burning or tingling of any sort.


Final Thoughts.

I’m kinda kicking myself for not having tried this brand earlier, especially as they’re not that expensive, but damn are they good. Lipsticks aside, everything else is a win especially the foundation and micellar water. If you’re keeping track, you’ll realise that I spent $70 for a bunch of products whose total value is $294. I f  were you I’d get over to SpaceNK before the sale ends or they run out of the good stuff.

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