What’s New At The Drugstore: All The Damn Nyx!

How have you guys been liking my brows lately? Trust me, it wasn’t easy to get them here using this tool, but it is a seriously phenomenal all in one brow tool.




The 3-in-1 Brow ($13) comes in ten colours all the way to a jet black which was the colour I got. The extra long pen is made of a heavy metal that feels very substantial in your hands. The three part tool is made up of a twist-up pencil for outlining or filling in the brows, a powder for filling in and a twist off mascara wand with a brow gel that keeps everything in place.





I’m going on record saying that this is a tool for people that have no brows at all, or those that like a very structured brow. Since I refuse to pluck my brows all the way out, just so that I can draw them back in, I already have really thick, full jet black brows. And I like them that way. So, keeping that in mind, the next few pictures will be appropriately frightening. The first time that I used it, I used all three products together and wound up with very Cara DeLevigne brows, and I think her brows are ridiculous. Eventually I got it right, and by right I mean I can only use one or two of the products at a time. When I have the time I use the pencil and brow gel to keep it together. When I don’t, I just use the pencil, I rarely use the powder because it’s too light and it makes my brows look dirty. In the pictures you can see my comical progression towards perfection. I will say that when I learned though, it made all the difference in the world.

In the first picture, clearly I used all the products at once and it was not a good look. In the second picture you can see I was still trying to figure it out, see the lines? Fail. The last two are when I finally got my ish together. Flawless, if I do say so myself. And I do.

IMAG6316_1_1 (1)IMAG6322_1



The last thing that I got were four of the Epic Ink Lip Dyes ($7), those are lip tints and they come in twelve shades. Ok, so when I first got these I was extremely confused, I kept wondering why they were so watery and applied so streaky, never seeming to dry. It wasn’t until I wiped it off and saw the stain that they left behind that I figured out what they were. Yeah, I’m a little slow sometimes. I got four of the shades in Victorian (deep violet), Invasion (blackened brown), Charmer (deep strawberry red) and Wizardry (brown w/blue undertone).



I don’t like lip tints, they have a very chemically scent that scares the absolute f*&k out of me, I always feel like I’m teetering right on the edge of being poisoned. These were no different and in fact worse, because not only do these contain the strongest scent I’ve ever smelled on a tint, they’re also the most pigmented and long lasting I’ve encountered.

The first shade that I tried was Invasion, I’ve been experimenting with a lot of browns lately and so I was really excited for it. So before we go further, and if my review doesn’t change your mind and you wind up getting them, the best way to apply these is to put one layer, wipe it all off and if you need another layer, repeat. Don’t be like me applying two coats before you figure out that these things are gonna be squatters. Dumbass that I am, I applied two coats of this stuff. After that if you need to, apply your lip liner and blend it in, throw a lip balm over top and be on your way. Two things however, one coat is really sufficient colour, and you better be damn sure that this is the colour you want to wear for the next two days because no amount of scrubbing or oil will make these things go away before they want to. Swatches below and a tiny demonstration.




The next two pictures are what happened when I tried to remove them with oil, after attempting to scrub them off with a textured kitchen sponge and soap, namely not much. I scrubbed my arm red, as you see it only fades slightly. That dollop of stuff on my arm is olive oil.




My arm wore these for about a week, and I don’t have any pictures of me wearing them because honestly, I haven’t touched them since I wound up wearing Invasion for about three days. Also, it dries the hell out of your lips no matter how much lip balm you use, I think I went through half a container of Eos in those three days. It’s almost as if it creates a barrier that doesn’t allow anything else to pass through. On the plus side, you can do just about anything in these and they won’t fade. Silver lining? Last, if you do decided to get them because you’re some sort of masochist, stick with the lighter shades. From my experimentations, the darker colours are not distinguished enough to recommend picking them up, particularly when they last so long, you may not want to be vampy three days straight.


Final Thoughts.

The brow tool is great, if you need something that intense or not. You don’t have to use all parts of it and at $13 it’s worth it to have all three tools in a very travel friendly pen. The Lip Dyes…those are such a hard pass for me, I’m sure others like it fine but I don’t care for something on my lips that I can’t easily get rid of and change up my look. The extreme drying is also an issue for me, beyond the nastiness that is chapped as hell, peeling lips, it makes the lips feel very uncomfortable. As usual Nyx is prolific, and hit or miss, so really just another day at Nyx HQ.

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