This Is Probably The Best Blush Palette You’ll Ever Spend Money On



I’ve had this palette for over a month now and I don’t think that I’ve used anything else since. For one thing the amount of shades that you get, and the differences between them, almost ensures that you’ll never have to look elsewhere.

Of course I’m talking about the Nars Unfiltered Blush Palette, in particular Unfiltered 1, the deeper, darker palette that everyone lost their damn minds over. There are two palettes, Unfiltered 1 is a mix of reds, plums, deep pinks as well as highlighters and a blush that doubles well as a blush topper. You get some mattes and some shimmer shades that aren’t too overwhelming, and for $60, you get six large pans that are almost the same size as a full sized Nars blush that you’ll have no trouble dipping a big fluffy brush into.

The two palettes are coloured differently, hinting at the colour palette inside. Unfiltered 1 is a reflective orange case, that is a fingerprint magnet that drives me mad, but is gorgeous. Unfiltered 2 is a pale pinky lilac case that holds a lighter, more pink range of shades.





I’m by no means a Nars aficionado, I’ve never owned any of the powder blushes. I’ve used the multiples which are sufficiently pigmented, but I guess I wasn’t prepared for the serious pigmentation of these things. God Gawd! Listen, these ain’t for the faint of heart. So far I’ve really only used two of them because they’re the only ones that are work day friendly and even then, I’m blending and buffing those suckers out like my life depends on it.

In both palettes you get five brand new shades and one from the permanent line. In this palette that permanent shade is  Exhibit A, the one blush that I’ve wanted to own forever but was too much of a punk to buy it on it’s own. Having it in the palette gave me the perfect excuse. To put it in perspective, I’ve used Exhibit A twice, both times I built it up with a fan brush, in probably about four swipes. Yeah, it’s like that. But not just that blush, all of them are highly pigmented and need to buffed out, even the one that doubles as a blush topper/highlighter, but the plus to that is you get soft colour that never looks harsh and lasts all day.  Swatches below.



From L to R;

Watch Me – A golden highlighter, a lot like Albatross.

Me First – A medium peach shade with slight golden undertones, and it actually shows up on me.

Takeover – A mauve with a golden undertone that can be used either as a blush or a topper.

Out There – A matte mid toned pinky plum that can easily look like a hot pink.

Chic – A deeper version of Out There with a more purple undertone, also matte.

Exhibit A – A bright matte orange red.

Below, I’m wearing Out There with Watch Me as highlighter in first set of pictures and Chic along with Takeover as highlight is the second set. I’m able to achieve the colour in both pictures with just one dip of a fluffy brush.




Final Thoughts.

Not only is this a really sexy palette, but it’s a really good value. When you consider that one full size Nars blush is $30 for .16oz and you’re getting six almost full size at .12oz for $60, how can you resist? The colours look a lot lighter on screen than they are in real life, because of that I think that I may go ahead and get the Unfiltered 2 as well. Even though that one looks as if it’s more suited for lighter skin, I mean hell, if doesn’t work I can always send it back. But it has Hot Sand, and a bunch of other  wonderful looking highlighter colours. If I do get it, I’ll keep you updated. Both palettes are still available at Sephora and

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