Spring Launches: Clinique BIY Blend It Yourself Adjusting Drops.



Lemme tell you, this thing made me so freaking mad! So mad, that I may have tweeted something really bitchy at Clinique. Maybe.

This is a colour adjustment, high pigment liquid just like the Cover Fx drops. There are twelve shades, and I’d estimate that about four of them fall into the tan to dark range. As of right now this is an Ulta exclusive and I chose my shade, 155 the second to last, on a wing, a prayer and the iffy swatch provided on the Ulta site since there are no colour descriptors on the site, this is where Sephora has Ulta beat most of the time.

It comes if a plastic squeeze bottle with a pointy spout that I will not be showing you because it is messy as all hell. It’s meant to be mixed into oils, moisturisers and for adjusting the tone of that pesky foundation that you love but it just won’t act right.




I feel like it is my absolute duty to warn you that this joint is teeny, like deluxe sample small and this is what had me so damn hot. For $33, you get about a third of an ounce at .34oz. With a $25 Clinique purchase, Ulta sent a deluxe sample of the Moisture Surge moisturiser, I have both in the photos below for comparison.




Yeah, hot. I had every intention of returning this, but dammit, it’s awesome! You know I hated the Cover Fx drops, this stuff I am ab-so-freaking-lutely in love with. For one thing, the undertones on this shade are spot on for me. The CF way grey as hell, this is very golden and it doesn’t loose that upon being mixed into anything else. 

Second, the pigmentation is off the damn charts. One drop in moisturiser is sufficient to create a pretty decently pigmented tinted moisturiser. Two drops is medium coverage. 

Third, and probably the most important detail, it doesn’t affect the finish of anything that you add it to. The CF always changed the texture and finish of my foundations, and not in a good way. I believe the BIY drops are water based, the very liquid consistency lead me to believe that and I think that’s the reason it doesn’t affect the finish.

One of my big issues with the CF was that the darkest shade in the golden range was still not quite dark enough, because of that it consistently lightened every foundation that I added it to, instead of adjusting the undertone which is kind of what it was created to do. 

The BIY drops don’t do that. I’ve been adding it to a couple new foundations that I’ve gotten where the shade is right, but the undertone could use a little more gold in it. All this does is make the undertone better for me without changing anything other than that.

In the picture below, I have it mixed with the Moisture Surge. The first photo is just one drop, and the second is two drops.





I then have it mixed in with a foundation, the larger portion is where it’s mixed with the foundation, while the smaller dot is what the foundation looks like without the BIY drops. You can see that the colour doesn’t change, but the undertones are more gold.



Final Thoughts.

So in closing friends, this ish is the bomb. Waaaayyy better than Cover Fx. Funky size aside, I think it’s worth it, I’m still hot about the price though because I’ve been using this joint a lot because I just got a new foundation that I’m living for but the undertones are too yellow for me. 

Granted, a drop or two does the job, but if I keep using this the way that I have been, I’m gonna run out soon and it’s frigging $33.But you know what, I’ll probably repurchase cause it really is that great. The lack of darker shades is kinda shite, I mean this my perfect shade and I’m in winter colour right now so…

Hopefully they come out with more shades because I feel like everyone will get used out of this.

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