Skincare Obsessions: Tatcha Indigo Rice Enzyme Powder.



I’ve been more than a little skin care obsessed lately, and I’ve been purchasing and trying a lot of brands that I previously haven’t. Don’t worry I fully intend to share all of my little gems with you. I’ve always wanted to try Tatcha, something about the aesthetic of the brand appealed to me. The simplicity of the packaging as well as the ingredients list spoke to me.

If you remember, I had bought a travel size of the Original Rise Enzyme Powder sometime last year, but then returned it because of reviews saying that it was most definitely not for sensitive skin. Fast forward one year, and the brand has debuted the Indigo Collection, specifically formulated for sensitive skin.

Unlike the off white of the rest of the brand’s packaging, the Indigo Collection is easily discernible by it’s dark purple containers. The enzyme powder of the indigo collection is a light blue, rather than the white of the others. The $65 container houses 2.1oz of product, and the jar has a tiny round opening with a latch at the top to shake loose the powder.





The ingredients list is pretty clean, with the top products being rice powder, Japanese indigo, green tea leaf, oatmeal, pearl and rice bran. The product is supposed to aid in redness reduction and support natural collagen production. To use it you start with a wet face and hands. Shake some of the powder into the hand and rub together creating a paste that you then rub gently onto the wet face, a little goes a long way I learned the first time I used it. This is not only an exfoliator, but also doubles as a cleanser that you can use around the eyes it’s so gentle. It has n smell and rinses away cleaning, leaving brightened skin. I’m not sure how often to use it, but I’ve been sticking to three times a week, two of them on the weekends when I wear no makeup and only need gentle cleansing.




I can’t even explain to you what the feels like on the skin. It just feels…good! Whenever I use it, I have a mini experience. It’s non abrasive, non sticky, and it feel as if you’re a really soft chammy towel on your face. Rinsing it off doesn’t leave that squeaky clean feeling, for which I’m grateful. Products that do that tend to either dry out the skin or leave some sort of film on it. When I first used it there was an instant noticeable brightness and smoothness to my skin. I did however have a fair bit of tingling which worried me, I’d used another new product and so I wasn’t quite sure which one caused it. I dreaded looking in the mirror the next morning, but so far so good, and it’s been a few weeks.


Final Thoughts.

Very happy with this Tatcha enzyme powder exfoliator/scrub. So impressed in fact, that I went back and got a bunch more stuff, don’t worry, I’ll keep you posted! I won’t lie, the brand is very very pricey, the good thing about them though, is that they sell very generous travel sizes of almost all of their products, mostly on their website. Tatcha can be found at Sephora, Barneys NY (that I know of) and their very own website,

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