Sephora VIB Sale 2016: New Additions To The Laura Mercier Candleglow Line!



This was such a welcome treat for me! You guys know that the Laura Mercier Candleglow foundation has become my most reached for foundation, and I have upwards if ten different foundations people. I did get a darker colour for the summer, but I found that it’s such a flexible foundation that I can wear it now as well. It’s a tad dark, but not anything super noticeable, plus I can always fix it with a lighter powder. Since I’ve been stalking the Sephora site looking to see if the LM holiday palette that I wanted would be available, I ran across these as soon as they dropped. The palette never came into stock though, it’s only available on the LM website. Big boos.

The VIB sale seemed like the perfect opportunity to expand my powder collection, and so I may have gotten one or two…or four, this being one of them. I also picked up the Candleglow concealer because why not? I was there right?

The Candleglow Sheer Perfecting powder is available in six shades and like the foundation, it’s flexible which is good because they tend to run dark. The compact houses 0.3oz of product and costs $38. It comes in the typical LM brown plastic container and for once I actually miss not getting a puff.




I got the shade (04) Medium, because like I said they run dark, so as of right now the colour is almost perfect but still a wee bit dark. It’s flexible because it’s meant to be a finishing powder, albeit one that imparts a lit from within glow so it doesn’t have a ton of colour, if I apply it lightly the colour is perfect and I’ll still be able to use this in the summer. I’ve seen people compare it to the Ambient Lighting powders, and while similar, I prefer this one. Mostly because it’s even more subtle so I don’t have to be careful when I use it as I do with the AL powders because they can go brassy and ashy very quickly. From the Sephora site;

A multipurpose, modern pressed powder sets, perfects, and finishes, leaving skin with a diffused, luminous glow. This silky and pressed, Candleglow Sheer Perfecting Powder delivers just enough sheer colour to create the perfect, subtle glow, while brightening up the complexion with a soft-focus finish. Featuring six shades that range from light to deep, the lightweight powder sets your makeup for lasting wear, perfects the look of your skin with sheer coverage, and gives skin a natural, soft, and radiant finish. Amp up the effects by applying with different brushes to customize your finish and coverage.

I haven’t tried it as a highlighter as yet, and I probably won’t simply because using it as a finishing powder is why I purchased it and right now that works for me. Besides I think that in order to do that, I’d have to get the darkest shade to use as a golden bronze highlighter and ain’t nobody got time for all that foolishness. Combined with the foundation this just reveals to mortals that glowing golden goddess that I am, and while the powder is well packed in there, it still lifts easily with a big fluffy brush.

The second item that I got was the Candleglow concealer. It’s a metallic brown click pen with a rounded sponge applicator that I had a really hard time using at first. I mean, there’s nothing inherently wrong with it, I’d just never used one like it before. Of course click pen that it is, it took me just over a million clicks to get product up into the sponge. When I did get product up, I found that the sponge even though it distributed product more evenly than a brush head and also eliminated the need for a blending sponge, it also held onto a lot of product so I think that it’ll likely run out soon, plus I’m kind of skeeved out by the constantly dirty sponge and what may grow in it…against my delicate eye area. These also run dark and I was in between colours so I wound up getting 04 again, which is also Medium.





Luckily I was in store when I got these, and the Laura Mercier rep was in Sephora that day and she was the one that told me they run dark, especially the powders, because left to my own devices online, I would have gotten deeper shades online, and as you can see from both the powder and this concealer, they ain’t all that dark. You’re supposed to be able to use these for not only under eye concealing and brightening, but also for spot correction. From the Sephora site;

More than a concealer, more than a highlighter, the Candleglow Concealer and Highlighter’s versatile formula lightens darkness as it minimizes visible discolorations and creates a soft luminous glow—instantly brightening the look of skin. Its innovative applicator fits in the contour of your eye and is ideal for brightening under eye darkness. It works anywhere on the face to add highlights or lighten up shadows around nose and mouth. Perfect for using on the eyes and face, it offers soft, flattering glow combined with sheer coverage.

Swatches below.



I’m just gonna say it, as much as I stan for LM, I don’t like this concealer one iota. I found the consistency to be very thin and I needed multiple passes and colour correction to get any sort of noticeable difference under my eyes. As a spot corrector, it has the weird distinction of being too thin to actually be able to cover well, but also manages to look rather chalky. Part of the problem I believe is that it doesn’t have any colour correcting properties. All of the really good under eye concealers I’ve come across that work well on their own all have a bit of peachy-ness to their tone. This one is yellow.

It also fades rather quickly, I was left with very little coverage after about two hours even though I set it with powder. It looks very dry under the eyes even without the setting powder and exacerbates the lines there. Now my lines are hereditary and a consequence of having tiny eyes (with what my ex’s sister calls eyebags), so when I open my eyes they can’t be seen, but I imagine someone with very creapy skin in that area would look terrible in this concealer. Pictures below of me wearing the powder only, as you can see it gives a rather soft blurred effect.

LM Candleglow1LM Candleglow


Final Thoughts.

Not much though to put into this one folks. The powder is phenomenal, although it’s not a must have, I just love LM and like to own everything in a line. The concealer on the other hand is a pass. It’s way too thin, and it creases crazily, if you look at the pictures above carefully, you can see that it’s sunk into the lines I have under my eyes and separated. No, not a fan in the least.

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