Sephora VIB Sale 2016: Dior Diorific LE Matte Liquid Lip & Cheek Velvet Colour.



These were some of the items that I picked up in store. I really wanted to get these in person because I needed to know if they were pigmented enough for me. Reviews notwithstanding, pigmented for someone of a fair complexion is very different for someone my complexion, just as what I find pigmented won’t fly for someone much darker. And also, these sold out moments after going online during the Rouge sale. As it was, when I went into Sephora, there were only three of the four shades available, luckily the one that I didn’t want, was the one that was out.

The four shades are 01 Pleasure a rosy nude. 02 Marvel a hot pink. 03 Treasure a pinky lilac  and 04 Luxury a very true red. Now these are intended for use on both the lips and the cheeks, however, I purchased them with the express intent of using them as cheek products so I didn’t really care how they performed.

I went into Sephora with the intention of getting Marvel, Treasure ad Luxury. When I swatched them, although Luxury and Marvel lived up to what I figured they would look like, Treasure did not. Instead of the purple undertone that I was expecting, what I got what a cool baby pink. I’ve spoken about this before where a lot of brands purple undertoned products are really just cool pinks masquerading as purples till they hit dark skin and get exposed for the pink frauds that they are! /end rant. Also, it was not even nearly as pigmented as it’s brethren, and I actually found that the swatch of Pleasure looked better against my skin tone, but they were out so…

First let’s talk about this absolutely lux packaging shall we? Beautiful glass bottles with gold screw-off caps that house an oblong shaped wand. The wands are actually pretty good in that they pick up and disperse the perfect amount of product.






The formulation of these is a cream that dries to a matte powder and are meant to be used as both lip and cheek products. They don’t dry very quickly, so you’ll have some time to spread and work them in, for the cheeks this is great, for they lips, not so much. However since the dry down on this is a powder type of finish, I didn’t care to wear it on the lips. Also for some reason, even though they are extremely pigmented on the cheeks, on my lips there is a significant loss of colour and I wound up having to go over it repeatedly. Perhaps because my lips are more pigmented? Plus I didn’t really care for the feel of it on my lips.  Swatches below.



The best way that I found to apply these is by dotting them onto my cheeks and then blending the absolute hell out of them with a huge fluffy brush. As you’ll see from the picture below, as bright as Luxury looks on my cheeks? It’s about 5 times as loud in real life being a very true red. It takes very little for them to show up on my brown skin, so I can only imagine how hard it will be for someone who’s much lighter to work with. However, if you can get it to blend out well? It’s this freaking beautiful



Marvel is a bit easier to work with. The colour is not quite as intense and so it blends out better. This one you have to really build it to get it to be ultra bright if you need to, but it can definitely be done. It’s a good mid range colour if you’re not all that adventurous but don’t like Treasure (fake purple shade) or Pleasure is not bold enough for you. Below I may have blended it out too much to see on camera, but like Luxury, in real like it’s bright as heck. Besides which, I was wearing a ton of purple and even though I wanted a hot pink blush,  needed to tone it down or else look like Homie Dah Clown.



Do they last? Yeppers. Both lasted until I took them off, I got a ton of compliments on Luxury, mostly the “good god that looks gorgeous on you I wish I could pull that off” variety, which makes sense cause really, how any people can pull off a red blush? And by pull it off, I mean well. I wore Luxury for almost ten hours on one day, maybe more actually since I put it on for work and didn’t go straight home after, so probably about twelve and it didn’t fade one iota. Marvel I only wore for about five hours, but it didn’t fade either and I have sneaking suspicion it would be just as long wearing it put to the test.


Final Thoughts.

These are definitely worth the $38 price tag. The only hitch is that it’s LE and Sephora can’t keep the in stock. But they are available at Bergdorf’s, Neiman’s, Saks and Macys if you want to pick them up. I think because not only are they long wearing, but super pigmented they’ll last a long time. I loved that at least three of the shades are brown girl friendly and two are very deep complexion friendly and not the usual wine or burgundy that darker skinned girls get saddled with, options baby, options. Having never tried any Dior Beauty before, lemme tell ya, def impressed.

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