Sephora VIB Sale 2016: CoverFX Custom Enhancer Drops.



Sephora associates are minions of Satan. There, I said it cause there is absolutely no reason for you to see me with a basketful of stuff and deliberately walk me over to the shiniest, most beautifulest, blingiest highlighter in the joint with that devilish little grin on your face. Like I was only gonna look at it? Girl…you know me by name, and you just started working here for the holidays! How does that convey any sort of self-control on my part to you?

Truth be told she showed me the powder version of this, the Perfect Light Highlighting Powder, but I had to outdo her and test the liquid, but I’m totally getting way ahead of myself. These have been out for quite some time, I’m sure everyone has either seen them or tried them at this point. I have seen them myself, but I wasn’t interested for a couple of reason’s. One, my skin does not like Cover FX. Every single product that I’ve tried from this brand has broken me out, it’s a cruelty free brand so no surprises there, the preservatives they use in their products are incompatible with my sensitive skin. And two because it just looked as though it would be ridiculously brassy and kind of, well…ridiculous. I mean, it looked like the very opposite of the subtle highlight that I prefer.



The shade that the little minion led me straight to was Candle Light. She swatched the powder on my hand and said to me with that little smirk on her face “it doesn’t fade away either”. I hate you Sephora youngen. She knew she had me with just one swipe. The package is a pretty standard dropper type, glass bottle and you can see the colour from the outside a bit, but it really doesn’t prepare you.




It’s a multi-use item. You can use it in your foundation, under it as a strobing cream and it’s quite comfortable on the face, you can’t feel it at all even though it looks as if it would be heavy feeling. Use it as a highlighter, use is on the shoulders or just about anywhere that you can think to use it. Mix it into moisturisers or oils to add to the shoulders and chest to get that sunburned/sun kissed look.

Knowing all that, I still think that it’s also, as far as I’m concerned, overpriced as all heck. For $42, you only get a  half an ounce. It is super concentrated though, and I have a pretty hard time using it because of that. When I try to use it in my foundation it always end up being way too much and using it as a highlighter takes a tremendous amount of effort because I prefer a much more subtle look. The only way for me to get any subtlety here is to use a fan brush and go very slowly when applying. I’m not gonna lie though, when I get it right, it’s oh my god gorgeous. Swatches and me wearing it below.




As you can see, there isn’t an inch of space between those pigments. My birthmark, that never gets covered by anything, the one that shines through the heaviest of foundation swatches not to mention other highlighters, is completely MIA here.



As you can see this highlighter is very present, the amount that I used to get this look was perhaps a third of the dot on my arm for the swatch, because I still had product left on my hand when I was done. Upside was that for once a Cover FX product did not break me out.


Final Thoughts.

Regardless of all my moaning, I do actually quite like this highlighter. I love the colour and the dimension of it. But this is face bling highlighter, and I’m not that kind of chick. The amount of work it takes for me to get a subtle look makes me hesitant to reach for it, I’d rather build than diffuse. As much as I’m curious about the other shades and would like to try them out, I likely won’t purchase another. And although I’m keeping this one for special occasions (read: night time wear), I don’t see myself reaching for it much. If you’re a highlighter newbie, this definitely is not for you, the learning curve is way too high and once this bad boy sets, it won’t budge unless you wash it off and redo your face. This is really for makeup artists and those that have a lot of skill when applying such heavily pigmented products, or if you just love face bling.

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