Sephora VIB Haul 2016: Tatcha Skincare.

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This is it! Yay!!!

Ok, so clearly I’ve converted. These were my most expensive purchases during the VIB sale. I’ve fallen absolutely in love with Tatcha, like who knew that would happen? Normally I am not trying to shell out this much for skin care, but I have absolutely been obsessed with skin care lately I’ve bought so many other things that I haven’t shared yet, but really need to. At the start of the fall my skin was going through some stuff. I’m not sure if it was because the weather kept ping ponging between cold and really freaking hot, but I was having a lot of congestion happening. I went through a bunch of stuff and threw some out, kept some. An updated skin care routine is in order don’t you think? I swear, does anyone else get tired of having to change up the routine every year?

Annnyyywhooo…Since I loved the Rice Enzyme Powder and the Camellia Oil wash I wanted to see if they rest of the line would show me some love too of it those were just a one off. I stuck to sensitive skin range cause I have no time for clearing up breakouts. I got the Luminous Overnight Memory Serum Concentrate ($110), Indigo Soothing Triple Recovery Cream ($135) and the Gold Camellia Beauty oil. Did it really hurt my feelings to pay those prices, damn right. But I told myself that with the 20% off made it worth it (bullshit)!

Let’s start with the memory serum. This had got to be the most unique thing that I’ve ever put on my face. It comes encased in Tatcha’s gorgeous packaging, I mean if I’m gonna pay a hundred and ten bucks for something, it better freaking look like this




You get 1.7oz which is pretty standard for that type of product, and it comes with the cutest little spatula that normally Cleo would have looked at, laughed, and then threw it the hell out. Welp, lemme tell ya, goo thing I didn’t because that spatula is oh so necessary. Have you ever tried to hold Jello between your fingers? Especially after you’ve chopped it up with a spoon or something like that? Yeah, this is exactly that texture. There is absolutely no way for you to get it out of the jar and onto your skin without using that spoon/spatula thingy. So much so that I couldn’t even get swatches for you because it’s completely clear once it hits the warmth of your skin.



The good thing is that after your done poking holes in it, next time you open it, it’s like you’ve never been there. But how does it work? According to Tatcha;

A unique memory gel concentration that restores and boosts skin’s natural radiance for a youthful-looking glow overnight.This ultra-concentrated formula of red algae, from the mineral-rich waters of Okinawa, deeply hydrates skin. Seven rich botanical extracts—squalane from olive fruit, green tea, wild thyme, ginseng root, liquorice root, sweet marjoram, and jujube fruit—work to improve skin clarity, texture, and tone to reveal replenished, dewy skin by morning. HADASEI-3™, Tatcha’s proprietary ant aging blend of green tea, rice bran, and red algae, restore and protect youthful radiance. The replenishing extracts are firm to the touch, but dissolve luxuriously into the skin for a smooth, sensuous application.

Does it really do all that? Well, my face does look lovely and glow-ish which it was having a really hard time accomplishing on it’s own for whatever reason. It does make my skin feel really soft as well.

The Indigo Triple Recovery Soothing Cream, should really be called a balm as that’s what it is. It’s very concentrated and…blue. Yup, blue. But when you apply it, it melts into the skin no problem. It’s in the same gorgeous packaging, just a darker shade of purple and since it’s the Indigo line, it’s It’s specifically formulated for ultra sensitive skin;

A luxurious cream rich in anti-inflammatory indigo and moisturizing liquid silk to soothe and firm skin, calming and restoring youthful beauty.This soothing blend of botanicals calms sensitive, easily irritated skin and improves visible signs of premature aging. Formulated with 3 per cent colloidal oatmeal (the highest percentage available in a product of this kind on the market), skin is left comforted, supple, and replenished. Japanese indigo—long used in Chinese medicine to treat redness and pain—is powerful in anti-inflammatory botanicals extracted from indigo plants, which work to soothe and calm sensitive skin. Hadasei-3 bioactive complex is a proprietary antioxidant, ant aging complex of green tea, Okinawa red algae, and Japanese rice bran extracts.





This was really just what the Dr ordered because when I started using this I was having breakouts because as I said my skin was throwing hissy fits behind the weather. About a week after I started to use all of these items, my skin had started to calm down a lot. I saw a lot of reviews on Sephora saying how this was very sticky, some people were even saying that it never dried down or absorbed and came off on their pillows. When I first used it, I was apprehensive, but then I was like “Bish?! How much did you use?!?!” Hell yeah, if you use half the damn jar it’s not going to absorb, it’s a balm. Calm down and use less, geeze.

My concern was how it would translate into when my skin was behaving well. In the winter time, I need a very careful balance in my moisturiser that leaves me well hydrated, but not greasy and also gives me at least 24hrs of continuous moisture. I lucked out because this hasn’t changed the way it behaves or deals with my skin even though it’s calmed down.

The last thing I got was on a whim, yeah, a friggin $95 whim. I had gotten a new oil and although I loved it, it was so strong that it was causing congestion, so when I saw this I was like what the hell, why not? I this is the non-surfactant version of the same Camellia oil as the wash. It comes in a glass bottle with a push dropper and has the same gradient colouring as the Memory Serum.




For the price you get an ounce of heavenly light fragrance in a light as air oil that can be used not only on the skin but the hair as well. What it is;

Gold Camellia Beauty Oil is rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids to deeply moisturize skin while the 24-karat gold flecks add a luminous glow. Camellia japonica seed oil and squalene quickly penetrate to hydrate and protect skin, rice and macadamia nut oils deliver antioxidant protection, and liquorice root contains anti-redness benefits.

Yeah, you read that right. It has flecks of gen-u-wine gold in it folks. Why? I’m not really sure, and I’m not even sure that it adds anything to the oil, but it sure is fancy.



I use this twice a day, morning and night and it is very light and absorbs incredibly well into the skin. It doesn’t come off on clothing or my pillows at night (because I use just enough, ya know?). I haven’t used it in my hair as yet, mostly because I’m afraid that I may become addicted to that scent floating in cloud around my head and let’s see…it’s too damn expensive for that.

I can’t lie this whole routine is the business, and if you weren’t paying attention, lemme clue you in on this updated skin care routine right quick. Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil on the evenings that I wear makeup, which let’s face it, is most days. Tatcha Indigo Rice Enzyme Powder at least three times a week, sometimes more, at night usually right after I wash all my makeup off, but sometimes I use it in the a.m. as well. Caudalie Beauty Elixir after all face washing is done morning and night, I also use this once all my makeup is on as a setting spray, and it works. After the Caudalie elixir, then the Memory Serum Concentrate, Triple Recovery Cream and finish off with the Camellia Beauty Oil.


Final Thoughts.

Boom, I’ve got gorgeous skin. Again. I’m not goin’ lie, I legit wish that I hated this entire line cause now we have quite the conundrum don’t we? Will I repurchase any of these items? I really wanna say no because I don’t think that skincare should ever ever ever! cost as much as all this, I mean it’s topical for cryin’ out loud. But look, it works, and while I know that I could find something much cheaper that does the same thing or at least approximate it…I’m lazy, and I’m a creature of habit. When it comes to my skin, once I find something that works I don’t switch unless it stops working because a lot of times it des not end  well for me.

Case in point, this past summer I wound up with arms covered in hard pimples that were itching that was non-stop, I mean I could not stop as hard as I tried from raking my nails across my arms because they itched and burned so badly. In the end I had to cut my nails almost to the quick because I had started to draw blood from all the scratching. And why? All because I decided to change my body wash of I don’t know how many years to one from L’Occitane. The ingredients weren’t listed on the bottle or the box it came in and I had to call them to find out that one of the main ingredients in it was Neroli oil or you know, a citrus oil. It took almost a month after I stopped to using it for the pimps to stop coming and the itching to stop. And so now, my previously unmarred arms are covered in brown spots that will take me literal years to get rid of cause that’s how my skin works.

Yeah, I don’t like change, so check back in with me in six months to see if I threw another $340 plus tax at Tatcha for some skin care.

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