Sephora VIB Haul 2016: All The Powders!



I’m a total fan of Givenchy powders, the rest of the beauty line I can take or leave, but I think that they make some really great powders. I’d previously been using the Poudre Bonne Mine in Ambre Croisiere that I kinda sorta reviewed here, they debuted a couple of new loose powders so I wanted to pick up at least one of those as well.

The Prisme Libre powder ($54) comes in five shades and although you would think that they would be skin tone specific, they’re not. The powders are designed for everything from colour correcting to radiance. From the Sephora website;

What it is:
A mattifying and colour-correcting loose powder for the face combining four shades into one perfect harmony.
What it does:
This sheer and luminous powder mattifies, provides colour-correction, and sets makeup to last longer. The pigments are lightweight, refreshing, and soften the complexion to perfection, while the veil of powder delivers a breath of radiance and luminosity. The secret to the formulation is in its pigments, which are treated with atomization technology making them extremely fine to glide on evenly for an ultra-natural, peachy-soft skin effect. The featherweight powder also boasts an exquisite fragrance trail featuring lilac and white musk. Each case includes a white microfiber powder puff for optimal gentleness on the skin—the epitome of refinement.

Shade Descriptions—Each of the four shades is inspired by haute couture fabrics, from muslin to organza:
– Mousseline Pastel: Sugar-coated colours, which correct and reduce imperfections for a natural opal effect.
– Taffetas Beige: A cocktail of beiges, apricot and yellow, which delivers a healthy glow in just one stroke of a brush.
– Organza Caramel: Cream, peach, cappuccino—a dessert selection for the skin providing dreamy tanning. Perfectly sexy without excess.
– Voile Rosé: Sensual and voluptuous with a mingling of pinks and mother-of-pearl, this shade creates a halo of light and radiance.

Because I didn’t feel like messing with something that could potentially white me out or just look terrible in general, I opted for Organza Caramel based on the shade description. I could also have gone with Taffetas Beige as well, but the Caramel called to me. The powder is housed in a square container that doesn’t have the typical screw off top, but a twist mechanism that locks the cap into place. Inside the four different shades that come in each are divided into separate compartments each with it’s own sifter and a puff for application.







Like the description says this is matte, like legit matte. So if that’s not your speed, avoid this. The finish is gorgeous, poreless and long lasting, but the puff if useless because the powders don’t come out of the sifters evenly. Luckily the powders that come out the most for are the peach and cappuccino shades, but long story short, using a brush to swirl the powders is a better way to use it. I keep the puff in the container to keep too much from collecting in the well.

The other Givenchy powder I got was the Les Saisons Healthy Glow Bronzer ($52) in shade 04, Extreme Saison. I love the packaging for this, I would have preferred that it be matte black, but shiny isn’t so bad. Besides, the simplicity of it with the only details being the gold button to open the compact and the Givenchy logo is lovely.






On the Sephora website, this is listed as a bronze. It is not. Everywhere else I’ve seen it listed calls it by what it really is, it’s the updated version of the Bonne Mine powder. Had I known that it wasn’t a bronzer, I wouldn’t have gotten it. As it stands in comparison to my older Bonne Mine powder, it’s only slightly darker, and somewhat more neutral than the original. I also prefer the design of the original.



Another difference is the original powder imparted a glow to the skin that was undetectable, you just looked quite healthy. This powder employs sparkles to add luminosity to the face, and that would be fine, if they weren’t visible on the skin. It also oxidises about two shades darker and a bit orange/red. The result being a muddy looking finish. I don’t know if you can tell from my swatches, but the new version also has a much stiffer texture which makes it harder to pick up product with a brush. I had to dig my brush in to get very little colour payoff and then the top of the powder got a very shiny finish to it like what would happen when a powder seals. So yeah, new is not always better. Swatches below.



Needless to say, this will be returned as there really is no reason for me to have two of the same powder, especially if the “new and improved” version is underperforming.

God help me but I was on a powder kick it seems. The last powder that I got was the new Bare Minerals Bare Skin Perfecting Veil ($26) in Dark/Deep. This shade is a gorgeous medium dark shade with a very golden undertone. I don’t see this as being deep at all since right now it’s only slightly too dark for me, no something anyone but me would be likely to notice, but I’m also well into my winter colouring.




It comes in a two piece compact with a vegan leather puff in the bottom and the powder on top.





I love the undertones of this powder, however someone who had more pink/red undertones is going to find themselves looking really ashy with this. It’s supposed to be weightless and brightening with light reflecting particles for a soft focused, diffused look. I can attest to that completely, and unlike the Givenchy that relies on actual sparkly bits for luminosity, this does not. I saw some complaints about this not being very pigmented on the Sephora site, but I think that people were missing the point that this is supposed to be just a veil, not foundation.

It it somewhat powdery as it’s a very soft finely milled powder, so stuff kicks up everywhere, so I wouldn’t have been mad if they had just done this as a loose powder. I tend to wear this with just concealer by the way, it’s that good, that it doesn’t really need any additional help.


Final Thoughts.

Two outta three ain’t bad. I happily wear the Bare Minerals powder on days that I feel lazy (which have been many lately) with just my Inglot concealer and I’m off. The Givenchy Prisme Libre for as much as I love it, will be tucked away for summer wear as right now it’s just too matte, and dare I say, too perfecting. If you’re thinking of a new finishing powder though, I’d definitely say go for the Bare Minerals.

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