Sephora VIB 2016: Burberry Cashmere Soft Matte Foundation.



Burberry’s Cashmere matte foundation is one that’s debuted only once per year. You can get it from Sephora and other retailers between September and December every year, but after that it frikkin disappears for another year. You can usually find it on the Burberry website for a little bit longer, maybe  till the end of January. I’ve been stalking this for about two years now, don’t ask me why, something in the description just intrigued me. There are thirteen shades in the range, but where Burberry foundations are really spot on with their colour descriptions and the wear, sadly this one fell way short of my expectations from the brand.

First off the packaging that I love as usual, the frosted glass bottle with plastic cap made to appear metal. It has that pump that you can twist to lock when you’re not using the foundation, it’s one that I really like since I’m prone to accidentally depressing my pump when I take off or replace the cap. This also keeps it from getting all over the inside of the cap.





It’s taken me two whole freaking years to narrow down the shade that I thought would be a really good match for me, and I finally settled on No. 43 Almond, after going back and forth between that shade and Warm Honey or Camel. I based my choice  off the descriptions on the Burberry site, which btw had completely different colours descriptions than Sephora. I should have gone with the Sephora descriptions, as they describe this shade as a dark with a warm red undertone. However, that’s not very correct either. The undertones on this are orange. Not red, not peach but orange.




Now normally this wouldn’t be an issue, as you saw with the Kevyn Aucoin foundation I can fix almost everything with powder. I say almost because the finish of this foundation is such that it can’t be fixed with powder. Like the Burberry Velvet Foundation that I reviewed earlier this year, this one dries from a liquid to a sort of semi-powder like texture that makes putting any additional powder over it bit nasty and dry looking. I did try that though, and thought that it looked entirely too matte. In my attempt to fix that I used the Caudalie Beauty Elixir over it, and wound up with a cakey looking mess.

The consistency is very thin, and even though Burberry claims that this is at once medium to buildable full, I don’t think that’s true. The one pump that I used left me with the barest of coverage and all my hyperpigmentation on full  display. Two pumps barely changed that and I was unwilling to try and build it any more because the colour was already so off. The application again was definitely not good, it’s hard to blend and shifts very easily. I was had patches that were completely covered and some spots that had too much product, but when I went in to blend with my brush, it would all lift off completely onto the brush.

Even though the colour didn’t suck completely, it made me look very ashy and like the great pumpkins ghost. The finish of this is supposed to be a velvety matte finish that looks completely natural, while giving you buildable coverage with a comfortable feel that lasts all day. About that. While the feel wasn’t uncomfortable, I was expecting and definitely not receiving the feel that I get from my Velvet foundation, which almost feels like fabric on the skin. While I couldn’t exactly feel this, perhaps because of having to add so much to make it work, it felt ever present. I didn’t get the chance to experiment with building it as those two coats let me know I couldn’t go any farther. I briefly flirted with the idea of getting the next shade down, but looking at the jump between 43 and 60…no. I returned this to Sephora the same day that it came in the post.


Final Thoughts.

Pretty disappointed in this foundation that I stalked for two damn years only to find out that it doesn’t perform anywhere near as well as my Velvet foundation. I’m not mad at the brand though cause this is the only item that I’ve ever gotten that doesn’t work for me. But this foundation is a dud for darker skin tones.

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