Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette Surreal Ligh…Umm…Hard Pass



C’moooonnn man!!

One step forward, five back huh? This palette was so much fail in one space that I just can’t. Forget about the size, I was prepared because even though last year’s didn’t bother me too much, I did say that it wasn’t worth the $80 price tag. This year, was all new colours and I’m not above throwing handfuls of cash at something that I really want.

I was rooting for you Hourglass, we were all rooting for you! And after the Vanish foundation, we breathed a sigh of relief cause yes, you finally got it. Nah, you didn’t. But review we shall.

So for $80, plus tax, this year’s palette was five brand new shades instead of six like last year. New shades, so I didn’t care how many there were. The palette is no longer the traditional hourglass burnished metal, but a plastic case designed to look like marble. I hate it, it feels like plastic and I’m sorry but, it looks cheap, not like something high end. I think if it had been shiny rather than a matte finish, it may have looked better. I could be wrong, maybe nothing would have helped beyond firing the design team.




I saw pictures on Instagram (which btw if you’re not following me…doooo iiittt! “”@prettylittlesyko), and I was stoked because the pictures looked as if Hourglass would be continuing the trend of inclusion they started with the foundation. Welp, turns the palette photographs a lot darker than the powders actually are.




Part of the issue is the whole marbling thing again which guarantees that no two palettes will be alike. Unfortunately, it also guarantees that some palettes with have much less colouring than others. Take for instance the bronzer and first blush in my palette, both have more Surreal Lighting powder than anything else.

The palette comes with a finishing powder, Surreal Light which is the basis for all the other shades in the palette. It’s a peachy champagne which theoretically should have worked wonderfully on my skin tone…The are two blushes at the top of the palette, Surreal Glow which let’s be honest I don’t know what it’s supposed to look like because mine contained almost no colour. Surreal Effect is the other blush and is very reminiscent of Radiant Magenta being a very bright pink. Across all the palettes, this seems to be the only one that’s consistently very colour heavy. The third colour is Surreal Bronze Light, a bronzer…maybe. And finally, we get a strobing powder in Surreal Strobe Light.


If you look at the reviews on Sephora, read the comments on Instagram, you’ll begin to realise that this palette is only for the very very fair. Anyone who is Medium-Deep can save their money and get something else. Hell, get two something else’s as you’ll be saving almost $90 after tax. While the powders swatched great on my arm, trying to use them on my face was a defeatist proposition. The only thing that barely showed up was Surreal Effect, and then you’d have to look real close to see it. My swatches above are…heavy.


Final Thoughts

This is not a for everyone palette not in the least, unless you’re fair-light, you will not be able to use this palette at all. Don’t try, you’ll embarrass, frustrate and piss yourself off. Regardless of the price tag and the s%$t packaging, I would have loved this had the colours even worked remotely. But at this price point, it’s not worth it for a huge amount of people. The returns on this must be staggering, and I’m about to add mine to the pile later on this morning. Forget this not being brown girl friendly, this thing isn’t even most white girls friendly.

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