Holiday 2016: Sephora Collection



Sephora’s holiday sets are as pretty as they are prolific this year. These two babies were available for early access to VIB and VIB Rouge so I was able to snag them before they went on general sale. In addition to these two, there is another face palette, a blush palette, lip sets, lip and eye pencils and a host of other things. Some of which I picked up on Sunday morning from the website.

I had gotten most of the Sephora Holiday items last year and was pretty much completely disappointed in all of it since it all lacked pigmentation. Happy to say that’s not the case this year.

Because I’m a confessed blush hoarder, the first thing that my little eye spied was the Blush, Bronzed & Ready To Glow Palette.



The name is pretty self-explanatory and it comes with two blushes, a bronzer and a highlighter. The packaging is pretty unique in that it’s made of cardboard that’s folded to conceal a bunch of looks, oh and it has a really nice sized mirror as well. It’s a small enough palette, but you will have trouble putting it in a makeup bag, it’s just too big for that.




The two blushes are described as a warm blush, a rosy mauve pink, and a cool blush a pinky coral, although I do think that because of the composition of both blushes anyone will be able to wear either, I actually prefer the cool blush. The textured pattern is not only stunning, but functional. All the powders are multi coloured, this allows for creation of your perfect shade, it also ensures that you’ll never get the came colour twice, which in my opinion kinda sucks. Pictures below.




The Cool Blush is mostly matte, composed of pink, rose, burgundy and terracotta shades, shot through with champagne shimmer that had a brown undertone. If you’re very careful and leave the champagne out of it, this becomes a warm rosy mauve.



The Warm Blush has much the same colour composition but in deeper shades, with an additional dark brown thrown in and a rosy shimmer.



The Bronzer is suitable for all complexions having shades that range from a medium brown to a very dark brown. There are small bits of dark golden bronze shimmer, but it’s not over the top or noticeable, it merely adds radiance to the skin.



The Highlighter is perhaps the only thing that I didn’t care for with this palette. I found it hard to work with in terms of getting just the colour that I wanted and found the colour choices with that matte purple bit thrown in to be odd. I’ll play around with it some more though cause I have a feeling that if I get that purple just right, it’ll be a stunner. Swatches below.




The More Than Meets The Eye Shadow palette is a beast in that it contains 32 shades, albeit in very small pans, don’t get me wrong, they’re large enough for a brush, but trying to swatch them with fingers was challenging to say the least. The packaging is exactly the same as the blush palette with the folding look panel, and it’s also a pretty decent size, you won’t be throwing it in any makeup bag.





The colours aren’t really arranged in such a way that they coordinate obviously, but they are arranged in a way that makes sense with neutrals at the top and jewel tones at the bottom. In the middle we have a row of mostly matte transition and brow bone shades. Swatches below.






Final Thoughts.

Both Palettes are really pigmented and long lasting. I had minimal fallout with the shadow palette and the shadows pick up easy with a brush or fingers, which is the real test. The blush lasted all frikkin day too, wasn’t cakey or powdery and just blended into my cheek. If like me you’re kinda over the big companies holiday sets, these are a damn good alternative at $36 (shadow) and  $32 (blush) a pop. Plus they’re really gorgeous to just look at.

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