Holiday 2016: Jouer Limited Edition Matte Liquid Lipsticks.



I told ya’ll. You knew it was coming. More. Yes friends, I got my hands on one of the Jouer Lip sets and lemme tell ya, it was not easy. The day these launched they sold out the very same day, and when I tried to get onto the site literally ten minutes after I got the email, I wound up in a two hour queue.

There were two of these sets. The other one, The Best Of Nudes Mini Set, was composed of eight shades but I believe most of those were a part of the permanent line and they were minis, so I wasn’t really all that interested. This set contains the limited edition colours, three in total. The colours are not only fall perfect, but holiday perfect as well. And two of them are in my beloved metallic formula.




Unfortunately I have to say that these are not my favourite colours. I see myself wearing have have worn repeatedly only one of them. The formula is the same quality and longevity, no loss in formulation. Unfortunately even though the colours looked great on the website, the transition from tube to my lips was something else entirely. However, this set costs $36, an excellent value if the colours work for you since one costs $18.  Swatches below, from left to right Winter Rose, Cranberry and .



Winter Rose.

This is almost the same shade as Tawny Rose. It is warmer and deeper, and we’ve had the conversation about how I don’t look very good in warm pinks, so needless to say, this was my least favourite of the bunch,, I much prefer Tawny Rose.




There is nothing really wrong with Cranberry, it’s a metallic cool red which would normally look fine on me. For some reason when I put it on, the result was more of a cool metallic colour that insists on hovering somewhere between a hot pink and a red. I didn’t find it flattering in the least.




This one is definitely the fave, but it did take me a minute to warm up to it because one, I have small lips regardless of how I photograph, my features are actually really small, I wish my eyes were as large as the photograph, my lips as well. My top lip is also almost non-existent and is more pigmented than the bottom, so I wound up having to play with the application because it kept looking like I had nothing on my upper lip because of the colour. Speaking of the colour, it sort of defies explanation. It’s a metallic blackened mauve, with a strong purple undertone so far as I can gather, but Jouer describes it as a deep burgundy brown, I guess that could be right also.



Final Thoughts.

As of right now, these are sold out on the Jouer website, but I think that they may be restocked before the end of the holidays, or at least one or two of them become permanent. As much as I don’t care for two of the colours, I think that for me it was worth it because I love Clove and I think that I may be able to work with Cranberry. If you haven’t tried the Jouer Matte Liquid Lipsticks as yet, I dunno what the heck you’re waiting for.

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