Holiday 2016: Jouer Essential Matte And Shimmer Palette



I really need to get my life together. My blogging schedule is for crap right now, which sucks cause this time of year is the wrong time to be falling behind for real. Anywhoo…

I’ve been loving every single thing that I’ve gotten from Jouer so far, which is a bit sad. Lemme explain. This is really about the importance of advertising and marketing.

What took me to the Jouer website in the first place, was a lip gloss that I’d gotten a Glossybox. For someone who dislikes gloss to like one enough to go check out the cosmetics company that made it, Well…that’s kind of a big deal. What I saw on the site made me want to explore more, and I signed up for emails, got a bunch about new launches and products. Was completely intrigued by the products, but never bought anything.

What stopped me? Every single time that I went on the site, all the models were white, every last one, from the swatches to the campaigns. There wasn’t even an Asian model, which is rare because even if a company mainly uses white models, they will at least sometimes throw an Asian model into the mix, which in beauty advertising parlance, signifies that someone of at least a more tan complexion can use the products. If I don’t see any black models, but I see an Asian model, I feel slightly better about experimenting.

The use of white models exclusively, telegraphed to me that this wasn’t a brand marketed towards someone that looked like myself. It wasn’t until earlier this year, that I suppose sensing the need, the brand reached out to Jackie Aina to be a brand ambassador. When she showed herself wearing, swatching and reviewing the products, that’s when I jumped. I hope they have that chick on payroll because she has a large dedicated following who will buy just about anything she endorsees cause she’s honest. but beyond that they started advertising and swatching on all complexions, and when I say all I mean all. Usually when swatches are on a site they usually use a very light, a medium and a very dark when there’s even a dark swatch. Me? I usually fall somewhere in between the medium and the dark, so I use my imagination to fill in the gaps. But if you look at the Jouer site now, no less than six skin tones are used for lipstick swatches. When I finally tried it, I was thrilled! Jouer isn’t exactly a mainstream brand, but it does have a serious cult following like Laura Mercier and is as well deserved.

I had gotten the summer Mermaid Collection and since it turned out way better than I thought it would, when this holiday collection dropped I was on it. The collection includes Jouer’s first real eye shadow palette and about seven (maybe eight) shades of the long wear liquid lipstick.

Like most things Jouer, the packaging is pretty simple, brown plastic case with a full mirror, that holds twelve neutral shadows in varying warm tones. It doesn’t have the click tech where you can clip another piece to it, but I don’t miss that. It’s not an overly large palette, but for $40, you get some buttery smooth, pigmented shadows with no fallout that I’ve experienced yet. The names aren’t printed in the palette, but rather the back.








It’s a mostly matte palette with seven of the twelve shades being matte, and then you have some pops of shimmer that remind me a lot of the Viseart ones in that they’re not over the top, they’re shimmer but subtly so. It’s your basic neutral palette so don’t go expecting crazy colours, but some of the shimmer shades are a bit unique. Swatches below.





Suede has got to be one of my favourite brown satins to date, because it looks very natural, yet brightens up my eye are immensely. The all blend and apply well, and lasted all day with primer. I don’t what they would be like without primer, that’s a place that I don’t want to go to.




The highlight of this purchase for me though, has to be the long wearing liquid lipsticks. I don’t what I was expecting, but these have officially dethroned my BH Cosmetics ones as my favourite liquid lipsticks and I did not think that was possible. I picked up three of the new shades. One of them, Dahlia, is the metallic kind that had me scared as all hell, and then I opted for two of the regular line in Cabernet and Tawny Rose.




Listen, when they say these are long wearing, they are not lying. They dry in under thirty seconds. They do not move. They do not flake. They absopositively do not transfer, the rest of your makeup will look like crap, but your lips will still be going strong. Yet somehow, they still manage to be comfortable. The only one that I had a little bit of an issue with was Dahlia, and it wasn’t uncomfortable or cracking or anything like that, it was just felt present if that makes any sense, and at that, not even overwhelmingly so. I chalk that up to it being of the metallic variety. Swatches and photos below.





If you follow me on Instagram, then you saw me wearing this last week sometime. It’s a cool magenta with purple undertones. It’s cool but deep so no ashy undertones. It’s metallic, but somehow manages to look very natural.




A true red, cool undertone, but very deep so once again, no ash. Like I said my make bid me farewell, but this was still going hard.


Tawny Rose.


This is that shade of mauvey pink that I love. It’s a little bit too cool so I had to use a lip liner, and I may have gone ham. End of the day, my makeup is all gone, face looks like trash, but hey, lips are fiah!


Final Thoughts.

This holiday offering from Jouer appeals to me, as a chick that appreciates subtle and easy, who abhors anything over the top, it speaks to me. Couple that with the fact the products actually out performs any expectations that I had, this is definitely a win. And please believe that I will be picking up more of those liquid lipsticks, especially the metallic ones. Wait for it.

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