Collective Vacation Haul: Tarte Rainforest Of The Sea Kiss and Blush Palette.



Who else was excited when this baby dropped?! Cream blushes from Tarte? Yaaaassss! You guys know that I’m obsessed with the Rainforest collection because of the packaging, and this was no different. The five cream blushes and one highlighter are housed in beautiful round golden compact, with a full sized mirror and the most gorgeous painted lid. The names aren’t printed on the interior of the compact but rather the back.






I think the design is gorgeous, I’m a complete fan. Unfortunately, that’s where the fangirl-ism ends. Of the five blush shades I can wear one well, and another sort of well. I know, from the pan it looks as if I’d be able to wear all of them right? Wrong. They look very deep in the pan, but upon swatching them, they’re not only very light, they’re very cool. The only fool proof shade for me in this palette is that deep wine shade, and tell you the truth, I’m getting pretty sick of cosmetics companies telling me (indirectly) as a brown girl that I should only wear berry hued blushes. Swatches below.


From L-R: peck (nude), butterflies (mauve), saucy (berry), tickled (peach) smooch (pink), cloud 9 (pearl highlight)


My other issue with this palette is the consistency. When I first opened it, it had been sitting outside all day in the heat so they were creamy and easily applied. After it had been indoors for a few days, it got hard and I had to use my fingers to warm it up because otherwise, a brush pick nothing up. I basically had to break the top up with my fingers. By far though, my biggest problem is that they don’t blend well as they’re very thick and they will disturb your makeup no matter if it’s liquid or powder. In places it looks very cakey. Even if I were inclined to mix the colours (which I tried) to create a shade more complimentary to my skin tone, it winds up looking very gross because of the thickness, mixing them just makes them thicker and harder to blend, and who the hell wants to mix your blushes every time you use them?

I have peach fuzz on my face (that I’ve contemplated shaving off but I’m scared it will grow back darker) and it clings to all those little hairs, quite obviously. I tend to prefer cream blushes because they hide my acne marks better than powder, but these blushes sink into, and exacerbate them. Add to that they highlighter highlights nothing and is sort of chunky, and this palette is a dud.


Final Thoughts.

Unless you’re very light, this palette is a complete miss, much like a lot of Tarte products over the last two or so years. I hate this palette and I really want to send it back, but it looks gross because I’ve had to break it up so often and it’s sort of embarrassing to send it back looking that way, but um…$44 is a lot for something that I’ll never use again.

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