Bite Beauty Multisticks



Yes, yes. I know I’ve been MIA for about a week or so, but I’ve been feeling spectacularly emotionally battered, so I spent a crapload of money and now I have loads of stuff to review for you. See how my pain becomes your pleasure? It’s a win for all involved I say.

It was about two years ago that I encountered Bite Beauty when I purchased one of their holiday lip sets, and I wasn’t really a fan because I found all of the colours to be exceptionally cool toned. But when I say these on the gram, I couldn’t help myself but be intrigued by them and so when they landed in Sephora I fully intended to get as many of the 18 shades as possible. At $24, that goal was within range, but remembering how I’d felt about them lipsticks before, I reined myself in and settled for the two colours that I wanted the most, and then wound up getting a bunch of other things from Sephora instead.

These multi sticks are designed to be used on lips, cheeks and eyes. Bite Beauty ingredients so pure that you could actually eat these sticks if you wanted to. In fact, the berry scent almost encourages you to, so no worries about placing them on your eyelids. The multi sticks are housed in the typical Bite Beauty grey black, matte tube and these are no bigger than a lipstick. Something that I was somewhat surprised by, but shouldn’t have been, owing to the reasonable price tag.




The two colours that I picked up were Nectar, a lavender purple.



And Mochi, a strawberry red.



The other two colours that I wanted were Brioche and Biscotti, I decided against getting those instead because they are the typical colours that I reach for, and I couldn’t resist that purple shade. All of these are a satin finish that go from cream to powder and wear really well, with wonderful longevity on both the lips and the cheeks, albeit somewhat flat looking on the lips because of the cream to powder aspect. But they aren’t in the least uncomfortable eve with that. I rather like both these shades, but in different placements.

My issue happened because just like the lipsticks of years ago, bot of these are very cool toned, and I’ve come to the conclusion that, this is just what the brand is. Swatches below.



Mochi, is an excellent blush shade but does not work for me in the least as a lip colour. For whatever reason it just looks very flat and entirely too cool on the lips, even though I can wear a cool lip. Nectar on the other hand wears perfectly on the lips as a very greyed out lavender that is stunning, but on the cheeks that grey just aids my face in looking dirty. I can use it, but I have to do so very sparingly or risk ruination. Luckily they are so pigment packed that not a lot is needed to get good colour. Below I have pictures of me wearing Nectar on the lips and cheeks. As you can see, my cheek looks dirty almost. I couldn’t get photos of me wearing Mochi because the need to be careful when applying a bright red to the cheeks, doesn’t lend itself well to before work makeup.



The best way I found of applying these is taking colour from the tube itself and then buffing onto the face with a big fluffy brush although the consistency necessitates me washing whatsoever brush I use daily, since it hides in the bristles and clings. Using fingers I don’t recommend because you wind up using too much as they seem to want to stay on the pads of the fingers, and a dry beauty blender is useless here as well.


Final Thoughts.

I like the two that I have well enough that I won’t return them. But I won’t be purchasing any more of these, they’re entirely too cool toned. They do wear wonderfully though and I think that unless you’re aggressively golden or yellow like myself, these should work out pretty well. Cool toned and neutral girls will likely love these. However, I may go into Sephora and swatch the rest of the colours just to see how cool they all are.

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