Anti-Holiday 2016: I Tried MAKE Beauty…And At First…



I thought that I hated it, but this story does have a happy ending.

In keeping with exploring brands I’ve always wanted to in lieu of getting a bunch of holiday crap, I slowly eased into a beauty brand I’ve been keen to try for over a year now. Make beauty is headquartered in NYC and so much innovation comes out of the city that I had no qualms about picking up some of their rather pricey bits.

The brand is edgy and takes no prisoners, on the website, the models showcasing the various products are mostly males. Yep, they take you there. I picked up four items, a primer, a serum, a foundation (um…hoarder?) and a wonderful little compact of product that defies explanation. What I immediately liked about the brand was the simplicity of the packaging. Big bold lettering against a black and white canvas. Simple black packaging for the products. It’s enough to make a simplicity junkie swoon.


Moonlight Primer – $55.



The Moonlight Primer is something that I had never seen before, and to be completely honest, I really wanted it because I was intrigued by the colour. I mean, it’s black ya’ll c’mon!



Beyond the colouring though, it’s supposed to do some pretty awesome things. From the website;

“This advanced, innovative, moisturizing primer shields against High Energy Visible (HEV) Light and diminishes the impact of Infrared (IR)* Light — two harmful factors that lead to premature aging and skin damage from the blue-violet and invisible light emitted from electronic devices such as tablets, smart phones and computers — while also offering Vitamin D synthesis. Contains a marine algae that protects against free radicals pollution and heavy metals.  Gender neutral.

  • Unique cream-gel formula glides on, smoothing and perfecting skin’s appearance so foundation glides on flawlessly.
  • Delivers effective hydration so skin is left comfortably moist and looks healthy.
  • Pores appear virtually vanished, with fine lines and wrinkles softly diffused.

When I first tried this, I was not in the least impressed. The consistency is very watery and unlike most primers that I’ve tried. It has no smell, like all the products which I’m always in favour of. The bottle is a frosted glass with a a clear plastic cap, and it has a pump. Pleas excuse my dry as hell hands.



When you apply traditional primers, it only takes a few seconds before you can apply foundation right? This takes a bit of time to settle, a few minutes, and I didn’t get that at first so the first time I used it was a bit of a disaster. My foundation just slide all over the place and even though I “fixed” it, throughout the day I was just oily as all hell as it broke down on my face.

The second time, and all subsequent times, I’ve given it a few minutes to settle before I applied foundation and the difference is astonishing. It mattifies the face and leaves it looking smooth. Unfortunately since I don’t always have time in the mornings to wait for it to adhere, I don’t reach for it as much as I’d like.


Custom Finish Effects – $27.



This is my little life saver. What is it? Well, lemme tell ya. It’s a little compact of magic! Ok, ok. It’s really a mattifier and a highlighter in one handy dandy compact. It’s divided in two and on one side you have a peachy mattifying gel, and the other side is a pink highlighter. Both sides are moisturising, so no fears of drying out your makeup or skin. The best part is that it can be used over makeup, whether powder or liquid and I promise that it doesn’t disturb it. I use this literally every single day, because no matter how good a primer or my foundation is, I pretty much always have some breakthrough oil on my cheeks cause that’s the spot for me.



Typically I use the matte side much more than the highlight side and since I’ve been using it daily since September, I’m running out rather quickly. If there were anything that I’d change about this product it would be to make it larger or make them available separately. The majorly epic thing about this though? And I know I’ve listed a couple epic things, but the best to me is that it is truly universal. Both balms have little to no colour so no matter how light or dark you are, you can use this. You can even use this multiple times a day, although the most I’ve had to was twice, and there is no build-up. I have no swatches of it because it literally is kinda colourless and doesn’t show up.


Soft Focus Foundation in Warm #7 – $45.



This was the thing that I hated the most when I first got it, mostly because you know, I’m an idiot. First off, it comes in a plastic bottle, I was a little bit disappointed by that simply because I was very appreciative of the frosted glass bottle of the primer. But then I remember who I am, and that I break things…often, so…

The range isn’t huge, there are 16 shades divided evenly into warm and cool tones. There are two Light shades, a Light Medium, two Mediums, a Medium Dark and two Dark shades in both the warm and cool ranges. Very equitable. The shade I chose was the the first of the dark shades 7, but I could have gotten 6 as well since 7 has gotten a bit two dark. That was one of the issues when I first got this it was a bit two light because I got it in August, but a really awesome thing happened. Part of the issue too was how I had applied the primer, so everything was playing slip and slide. When I used it the second time, I hated the immediate finish of it. It looked two light for one, and then it looked as if it were just sitting on top of my skin. Fast forward about ten minutes and not only had it adapted to my skin tone, it looked flippin flawless.




It is almost full coverage, and has a very strong golden yellow undertone which wasn’t immediately apparent and that’s what I had thought was missing on my first application. I don’t know about the lighter shades, but this darker shade does oxidise. The finish is extremely natural looking and this is a foundation that I really enjoy wearing, I find myself reaching for it a lot. Pictures below in different lighting conditions. One pump was all it took to get this finish, and I didn’t need to use concealer after I colour corrected like I usually do.



Moonlight Brightening Serum – $85.


This was probably the most disappointing thing for me, not because it didn’t work, but because I actually couldn’t use it as my dropper was faulty. MAKE was really nice about it though, they offered to either send me a replacement or something else that I wanted and while I do plan to take them up on something else (I got another serum that I’m in love with meantime), I haven’t yet.

I got sucked in by everything about this, from the design of the black glass bottle with it’s dropper and squared shape, to the claims made by MAKE;

A unique blend of technologically innovative and natural ingredients helps to restore luminosity diminish the appearance of discoloration and dark spots for even skin tone and youthful radiance.

A serum-inspired skin corrector that visibly smooth’s and imparts a colour-perfecting, radiant finish as optical diffusers minimize the appearance of fine lines and tiny wrinkles on application. A combination of ingredients work to brighten skin over time for a smoother, more uniform complexion.



What little I was able to get out of the bottle, had a very pearlescent look to the opaque white liquid. It absorbed very easily and the one night that I was able to use it, I did wake up the next morning with very brightened looking skin.



I could have probably made this work, but I would have had to fight with the dropper every single time and I ain’t about that life.


Final Thoughts.

Overall I’m pleased with my purchases from MAKE, it took me a little while to adapt to the application process of the products, but once I did, just wow. This is definitely an indie brand to check out. They’re little on the pricey side, but I think that they’re worth it. They seem to be churning out some pretty unique items, and don’t seem so concerned with keeping up with the cosmetic Joneses, so much as making great products that work and are good for the skin. For those of you that care, they are cruelty free and I think vegan, and p.s.? This is one of the few natural brands where I haven’t had a reaction to at least one item. I’m probably going to pick up some more stuff this weekend as they’re having a sale (unicorns people, unicorns), use this code and link DARKNESS to get 25% off, then head back here and tell me what you think.

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