Anti-Holiday 2016: Exploring Sephora’s Complexion Line



Purely on the flimsiest of whims, I walked into Sephora and walked out with a bunch of their new complexion products. The complexion line has recently been revamped, I tried the blushes earlier this year and loved them, so I was really enthusiastic that the rest would be great as well. I picked up two of the Bright Future Serum Concealer and one of the Serum Correctors, and the new (relatively) 10 Hour Wear Perfect Foundation. The one thing that I didn’t get was the Micro Smooth Baked Foundation Face Powder. It’s supposedly a dupe for the Mac Mineralise Skin Finish, but they didn’t have a shade for me, I was in between shades.


Bright Future Serum Concealer 15 & 16. Orange Colour Corrector.

These are kinda new, they’re a few months old and come in a pretty good array of colours. In the concealer range there are 26 colours and there is legit just about every shade that you can find. Now there’s a definite dearth of pink undertoned shades to be sure though. Most of the shades skew yellow, with some neutrals and even the neutrals tend to lean yellow or peach. I got two shades, Dulce De Leche (15), a tan with neutral undertones which are closer to yellow/gold than neutral, and Crème Du Pot (16) a deep with supposedly neutral undertones that are neutral, but veer dangerously close to gold. Why did I get neutral undertones? Because I was in store when swatched them so I didn’t actually read the descriptions thank god.




When I swatched them, I got the colours that I did to use one as a under eye highlighter and the other for spot correcting. But you know? I swatched them on my arm, and came home to the one that I intended to use as a under eye highlighter being the perfect shade for my skin, so I’m using that as a spot corrector instead and I’ll used 16 in the summer.

They have a really weird doe foot wand, and you have to stick it back into the tube about a million times to get enough product out. Glad to say though that this is just about the only complaint that I have, but the wand is good for controlled precise application and will work great for anyone who isn’t a frikkin elephant like myself who just slaps stuff on and works with it. I did use 15 at the tail end of summer under the eyes, and although the brightening aspect wasn’t enormous, it did cover most of my dark circles and it spot corrects great.

The concealers are less dazzling in their abundance, and I think that a lot of people won’t be able to wear a lot of them. For one thing, they’re all very light, and the colours don’t have all that much depth. There are six  colours and range from the usual suspects of green, yellow an orange.




The last three shades are in the orange family and are Peach, Melon and Orange/Deep. Except here’s the thing that orange isn’t very orange at all, it’s more of an apricot and you can see that’s what I think of it as my picture is mislabelled. It’s ok for me, because I can’t wear a very deep orange it doesn’t blend out on me, I do better with a peach or apricot, but f you’re deeper than I am and need an actual orange, this is gonna wind up looking very ashy on you.

As for how it works, it does an excellent job actually of correcting both my under eyes and around my mouth which is where I need it the most. Swatches below.



10 HR Wear Perfect Foundation $20.



I …have not had the best luck with Sephora foundations. every single one that I’ve tried has either done absolutely nothing or has been horrid. If the undertones weren’t incorrect in the correct shade, then the coverage was balls. Well guess what? Turns out, I’m dumb. You know how when you look at the Sephora site and the bottles and there’s a letter like N, Y or P next to the name/colour? Turns out that finding a pink based product in Sephora brand is kinda like spotting a unicorn cause that P? Stands for peach, not pink. So like Tarte foundations where I absolutely can not wear their yellow based foundations, I also can not wear Sephora’s yellow based foundations. But a whole new world has opened up to me discovering this, I almost want to go check out the Ethereal foundation again. For $20 you get .85 ounces, but it’s $20 so stop moaning.

There are 37 frikkin shades of this foundation, and they come in mostly Peach, Neutral and Yellow undertones with the majority of the shades leaning yellow or peach and about 20 of the shades are medium-deep to deep shades, think Zendaya to Lupita,, it’s comprehensive ya’ll. The shade that I finally narrowed it down to was 45 Mat Tan Cafe Latte (P) and there are nine or ten shades after that, Sephora foundations are weird though because 37 can be darker than 45, and 60 could be lighter so just from eyeballing stuff I counted ten darker, there could be more. I could also have gotten 50 Mocha (P), but it was the end of summer and I wanted something to take me into the winter months, and as it is as we get deeper into winter this will become if not too dark, then definitely too warm and I’ll have to go up a shade to 34 Soft Tan (P) I think. Swatches below.





From the Sephora site: Conceal blemishes, pigmentation marks, scars, and dark spots with this foundation that provides a natural, beautiful finish. This formula blends with your skin tone to create an invisible veil, like a second skin that adapts to all the movements of the face for optimum comfort all-day long. Hyaluronic acid smooths the skin, while antioxidant vitamin E protects against external stressors. Soft focus pigments blur out blemishes and soften the appearance of wrinkles for a youthful-looking, even complexion.

The coverage is ridiculously good. It’s initially a medium coverage, but it builds up really well without looking cakey or unnatural. Although the bottle says that it’s a matte finish, I found it to be more of a satin matte which is what I’ve started to prefer. It has some blurring properties that results in that soft focus look they’re talking about. It reminds me of the Rainforest of The Sea foundation from Tarte, in fact, I’ll go so far as to say this is a dupe, and a worthy one at that. Although unlike the Tarte, if you have oily skin, I’m not sure that this will be a good fit for you. I can see someone with oily skin getting really oily, very quickly just from my own experience of having the oils on my cheek breaking through at around hour four. As for the longevity of it. Is it 10HR wear? Yes, yes it is. It survives ten hours easily and beautifully. Initially when I first bought and used this, it was perfect, it’s now become a little bit too warm or that might be a combination of the foundation and my MUFE Step One Primer (I used the Caramel one). In any case, I use my Guerlain Les Voilettes loose powder to tame that beast, which I hate doing because I do so love the very natural looking finish of this foundation. Picture below (with the Guerlain).



Final Thoughts.

I did say earlier this year after trying the blushes that I was super impressed with the revamped Sephora line, and as of right now, I’m yet to be disappointed by anything that I’ve tried so far. Those concealers and the corrector have become my daily use items since I got them at the end of August, and the foundation has quickly become one that I reach for when I just want something that works well, cause I’m barely awake in the mornings, before coffee.

Oh! And it’s sensitive skin approved!

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