Dupe Alert! Makeup Revolution’s New Ultra Strobing Cream & Blur Primer…So Worth It!



So loooong after I purchased these, I realised something. The Blur Primer is a dupe for either the YSl Touche Eclat Blur Primer which is $52 or the Guerlain L’Or Pure Radiance Primer which is $74. And although both rock, this is just as good for a whole lot less, in truth it’s closer in consistency and performance to the YSl and I actually prefer this one, YSL primers and I don’t seem to mesh well. Since I have to re-upload my blog life, I thought I’d just  update this post to reflect that, also when I purchased this it was only available on the MUR website, it’s now available at Ulta.com. You’re welcome and enjoy.


These were a total whim, I mean I got them because they were new, and I wasn’t really sure what a strobing cream was all about and I had to know, just had to. The primer I got because at that particular time I hated all of the ones I had, it bes like that sometimes.


Ultra Strobing Cream (£8/$10.95)

When I got the strobing cream, I realised that I had two very similar products, but I like this one so much more though. The strobing cream is very similar to both the Jelly Pong Pong Illuminating Gel Cream and the City Colour Cream Illuminators that I reviewed (sorta) here.

I was expecting it to be rather small and so I was surprised at how large it was. Like legit I will never run out of this stuff unless I use it every day, twice a day for about two years, and even then…

The bottle is a slim black one with a slip off cap and an absolutely lovely no mess dispenser.





See? No mess. the dispenser is one of those that you squeeze to get product out, but when you let go of the bottle, all the product is sucked right back into that bad boy. Why do I like it better than the other two that I have? Well for one thing it’s much much more subtle, you’d have to use a whole bunch to go overboard. The consistency is better than both, it’s thinner, kinda lotion-like and blends out better. Although it looks white, upon blending out it has a much more natural looking (for me) yellow gold tone. Unlike the other two I can use this over or under my foundation and it doesn’t disturb it. I can use both of the others similarly, it just takes more work and they still do shift my foundation, and they both work better underneath versus on top of. Oh, and it smells like heaven


Blur Illuminating Primer (£6/$8.21)

The Blur Primer is a weird little thing. Based on the consistency I was expecting it to make me oily in no time or at the very least be bad at priming. I fail at expectations, I should know that by now. I can’t do a very good job of explain what it’s supposed to do, so here’s the blurb from the website;

Makeup Revolution brings you this illuminating primer. Prepare the skin before applying your foundation by smoothing and evening out the skin to leave it feeling soft. This primer contains subtle gold particles for iconic illumination. Noncomedogenic and suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin.



It’s smaller than the strobing cream, and comes in a different sort of airless pump bottle. Like the strobing cream, this smells like heaven. I can’t really explain what the scent is cause I’m unclear on that myself, but just trust me that you’ll like it. Like I mentioned the consistency is weird, it’s tacky to the touch, but not sticky, and the look of it is reminiscent of honey. It has very very small flecks of gold that disappear on contact with the skin, and the blurring properties are immediate, and in person.

The illumination aspect of it isn’t over the top either, like the strobing cream it’s very subtle but noticeable. As for performance, I was really surprised at how well it performed. Based on the texture I wasn’t expecting it to last all day but it did and held up really well to the humidity for over eight hours. An hour of which was spent sitting outside in 92 degree, albeit shaded, weather. I’m also reasonably sure that it extended the wear of my foundation. Below are swatches and I’m wearing it under my Joe Fresh Daily Boost Foundation with spot concealing. I chose this particular foundation because as I said it was 2 degrees shy of Satan’s kitchen outside, I wanted something very light and I also wanted to use my Ingot loose powder to aid in mattifying. Since the powder is so much darker than I am even in the summer I need a lighter shade of foundation than I’d normally wear or else I wind up looking muddy. Plus I wanted to see how well it could illuminate me under this something so very matte.





True to claims, it does not bother my sensitive skin at all, and I’ve been reaching for it almost exclusively since I ran out of my W7 blur primer. I can’t feel it on my skin at all as it’s really light. Both of these are perfect for the summer, when you want to create those subtly glowing looks.


Final Thoughts.

For two items that I picked up completely on a whim, I’m winning. If you like for your highlight to be really heavy, this is definitely not for you, it’s be too subtle. Also I think it will be more complimentary to those with warmer complexions and yellow/gold undertones, which is a shame because it is beautiful. On the other hand, it blends out so well that those that are cooler may be able to use it, if only as a very light highlighter. The blur primer is the business and like I said about the W7 primer, everyone needs this is their life. Unfortunately neither of these can be found on the US site, so if you want it, you’ll have to order from the UK site, which really isn’t all that bad cause they ship fast, and like I said in the last post, with the conversion rate you wind up paying less than if you shopped the US site.

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