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Hello lovelies! Can I just tell you? I totally spaced on the last few posts. I’ve been so busy, that not only did I not remember to write post, I didn’t even remember what day it was so I couldn’t do a late night emergency post. And if you asked me what it was that made me so busy? Couldn’t tell you. In any case it’s a good thing that I couldn’t do an emergency post because what I have for you today is a bit much.

A little while back, I was watching one of my fave YouTubers, Raji Osahn of Makeup By Raji, where she was talking about her favourite palettes and she mentioned the Zoeva Cocoa Blend Palette. I couldn’t find any swatches online that were in English, because Zoeva is a German company so most of the bloggers that I came across were German. The company is mostly known for their brushes and from what I understand, they’re on par with the likes of Sigma and such.

Well I decided to get the Cocoa Blend palette cause I loved it when Raji swatched it, but when I got to the website, the prices were way lower than I expected them to be so I decided to do me a little haul. In all I got three palettes, two blushes and two lipsticks. I almost got a brush set as well, but in the end decided not to because I have too many brushes as it is.

I’m going to start off with the palettes in the order that I like them the most. All the prices are in Euro (€), but I’ve done the breakdowns for you guys (you’re welcome!), and although the palettes are technically not supposed to ship to the US, well…

All of the palettes are the same price so after the initial, I won’t bother to put prices again.

Love Is A Story Palette – €17.50/$19.06.


I think that the first real reason that I fell in love with this palette was perhaps the colours of the packaging and the design. They are made from cardboard, pretty sturdy and are two fold. You get the palette itself and also a slip on cover for storage when not in use. Each palette also have quotes in the lids of the palettes.


The second reason for falling in love is the bright, fun colours in this palette. You get a good range of shades though, and I think that this palette translates well from day to night, so no need to worry that they’re all stupidly bright.





My experience with the shadows is that they’re super pigmented, apply really well and are very very long lasting. They’re also very finely milled powders for shadows, I’m not sure that I’ve ever come across shadows of this texture, and I’m having a really hard time trying to describe them. They didn’t turn muddy, migrate or fade on me which is really saying something considering that the first time that I wore them, I totally forgot to use Shadow Insurance because I was distracted.

This palette is surprisingly enough, for as well as the colours work and stay, mostly mattes. There is high shimmer shade, two satins, but all the rest are matte, Swatches below.


Top Row.

Film Star – Matte White

Affair – Matte Beige Cream

Romance – Matte Lilac w/Silver Shimmer

Man With A Plan – Eggplant Satin w/Silver Shimmer

Ladylike – Matte Turquoise Blue

Bottom Row.

Over You – Matte Taupe Brown

Little Kiss – High Shimmer Bronze Gold

Old Fashioned – Satin Blue Purple

Flirt – Matte Forest Green

Mystery Date – Matte Navy Blue w/shimmer



Rodeo Belle Palette.


Rodeo Belle, according to the website, is inspired by the old west and the women who won the west. The colours are described as strong, wild, feminine colours for the independent woman. I think that I was initially enamoured with all the colours in this palette, but that bright red shade Bang Bang, is what really got me. I didn’t photograph the quote on this palette because it’s white on a similar coloured background so it doesn’t really show up in pictures, but it’s a silhouette of a woman in a cowgirl outfit and the quote “Enjoy Your Show”



That shade Bang Bang is missing from every palette that is produced for the US market, supposedly because of the beetle carapace used to create such a vibrant shade of red, however European women have been using this for eons and I’m yet to see wholesale blindness on account of it, and my super sensitive butt hasn’t had any reaction to it either. This shade, and others like it are the reason for the ban on shipping certain products from the EU into the states. Swatches below.


Rodeo Belle is mostly satins and high shimmers only one matte and one semi-matte shade.

Top Row.

Early Sunrise – Satin Champagne w/Shimmer

Rodeo Ready – Peach Brown Satin w/Gold Shimmer

Cactus Flower – Matte Peach Pink

Western Diva – Semi-Matte Dark Brown w/Multi-coloured Shimmer

Bang Bang – True Satin Red

Bottom Row.

Yee Haw! – Denim Blue Satin w/Gold Shift

Hot Wind – Emerald Green Satin

Smoking Gun – Grey Blue Satin

Day Money – Matte Dark Blue

Dead Shot – Very High Shimmer Dark Purple w/Multi-tonal Shift



Cocoa Blend Palette.

The Cocoa Blend palette is your typical blend of neutral tones, the shades are suitable for just about every skin tone, and although it’s a nice enough palette, it really isn’t all that exciting to me and so I’ve yet to reach for it beyond swatches it for the blog post.





One of the things that I really liked about all these palettes was that they performed uniformly across all of them, result of every single shade being very uniformed. But, like I said, I wasn’t thrilled by this one the way that I was by the other two. This is not to say that it’s a bad palette, it’s a great palette. I think that I’ll probably be able to dupe most, if not all of the shades. Swatches below;


This palette has  pretty good blend of mattes, satins and shimmers and some transition colours. So in that sense it’s a really good all rounder since it has everything in it.

Top Row.

Bitter Start – Matte Creamy White

Sweeter End – Mid Toned Satin Beige

Warm Notes – High Shimmer Warm Wine Burgundy

Subtle Blend – Satin Very Warm Cocoa Brown

Beans Are White – Matte Dark Brown

Bottom Row.

Pure Ganache – Rose Gold Shimmer w/Slight Brown Undertone

Substitute For Love – Matte Light Brown

Freshly Toasted – Matte Toasted Brown w/ Slight Red Undertone

Infusion – High Shimmer Dark Chocolate Shimmer w/Multi-Tonal Shift

Delicate Acidity – High Shimmer Neutral Chocolate Brown w/Purple Lean



Final Thoughts.

I was going to do all the items I got in one post, but this alone took almost two hours to write, even if it takes you only minutes to read it. So I’ll conclude with Friday’s post.

But I’m pretty happy with all these shadows except the Cocoa Blend and for no other reason that I kind of find it a bit boring and dupable, and it makes a good Fall/Winter palette. For someone else. They’re all very pigmented and long lasting and so worth the $20 apiece that they cost. Since I only swatched the Cocoa Blend and it still looks rather new, I may add it to the giveaway if the winner wants it. Sound off in the comments below and let me know.

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