Zoeva Cosmetics Germany; Luxe Colour Blush & Luxe Cream Lipstick.



This is gonna be a simpler, shorter (I hope) post than the last, because I only have four items. Along with the palettes, I also got two blushes and two lipsticks. The last few items was a bit of a mixed bag. I liked or could work with some items, but was disappointed in others. Let’s start off with what I liked better.

Luxe Cream Lipstick – €8.50/$9.26.

I got two of the Luxe Cream Lipsticks that Zoeva describes as a creamy luminous finish. True on both counts. It’s a semi-matte that lasts a good bit and has the most divine smell, which I know is weird since I hate lip products with scent. But the scent of these is some sort of fruit, I couldn’t pin it down. The design of the tubes is very minimalist, with a brushed metal finish which mirrors the box that it comes in. I got two colours, One Wish and Cross My Heart.



The first, One Wish is a deep red with almost purple undertones, which I suppose would make it a burgundy, but it really isn’t. I was more or less a little bit disappointed in this colour since on the site, and even in the tube and swatches, it looks like a dark purple. When applied though, it turns into that colour that I described.




Cross My Heart, on the website looked to be a brown red and it even swatched like that. But when I applied it, it turned into a much brighter red than I initially anticipated. I wasn’t upset with the colour though, it’s still quite gorgeous.IMAG1836_1


Unfortunately they don’t last all that long, maybe 3 hours before reapplication is necessary, and transfer is an absolute mess as they get everywhere. Fading was uniform though, and I didn’t get that inner ring fading that looks so gross. Swatches below.


I wore Cross My Heart with my Mac Cork pencil in the in the picture below to darken the shade a bit more. The shadows that I’m wearing are from the Love Is A Story palette, but I couldn’t get really good shots of it so I didn’t include them in the previous post.



Luxe Colour Blush – €7.80/$8.49.

I got two colours of this as well, Burning Up and Rush Rush. These are the items that I’m the most disappointed in. First let me say that the formulation on them is wonderful. They kick up a little powder, but they’re incredibly pigmented and boy do they last forever. The matte black compacts are a tad bit bulky in my estimation for not having a separate compartment for a brush or some such, but not overly so, and they have a mirror in the lid.




My gripe then? The two colours that I chose from based on the website’s pictures and descriptions were wildly off. In my photos below, I’ve added comparison photos from the website in the inset.

Burning Up is described as a burnt orange, with red undertones. What I got however was a medium brown blush, with a slight orange undertones.




Rush Rush was supposed to be a bright orange, but was instead a pink coral which quite frankly scared me when I swatched it.




Now are they both wearable on my skin tone? Sure, but those weren’t the colours that I ordered or wanted, so I’m most likely not going to reach for them much. I’m just having a really hard time understanding how the colours for the palettes can be so on point, and these and the lipsticks so off. Swatches below.



Final Thoughts.

I’m not really sure how to categorise this haul of mine. On the one hand, I loved the shadows. On the other, while the blushes and the lipsticks aren’t as advertised colours, they’re still nice against my skin tone. I think that I’m just irritated in general when I don’t get exactly what I paid for. Anywhoo, the lasting ability of the blushes is excellent, and I did notice that they darkened up a bit after the sat on my cheeks for a minute. Obviously they didn’t get as dark as the colours that I thought they were, but hey, it’s something. The only real problem that I have with the lipsticks is the transfer issue. I’m not a fan of my lipstick getting onto everything.

All that being said, I think this is a brand worth a least checking out if you’re tired (as I am) of the same offerings from the same companies in the US. Just bear in mind going in that the colours that you actually get, may not be as accurate as what they seem on the site.

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