When Something Seems To Works For Every Brown Girl…But You.



Those are the times when you feel wholly inadequate and like something is just really very off about you, cause dang what’s your problem anyway? And then you remember that all your (brown) girlfriends used to rave about MAC too, and that ish wasn’t too hot for you either. Yeah, so we’re talking about Sacha Cosmetics today. This brand out of Trinidad seems to be on the lips and HG lists of every brown beauty guru. I had heard about them for so long that I decided to do a haul.

I got this months and months ago, and I’m now looking at the picture like huh? Where is that other thing that I ordered? It came with the rest of the order, I guess I just forgot to photograph it in the group picture? In any case, I did a tiny haul. I got two lipsticks, a blush, the Kamaflage Cover Cream and Second Skin Foundation both in Cocoa Beige and the Buttercup Setting Powder. Ok, so that was my first mistake. Almost without fail anything with beige in the name is a disaster for me. My second mistake was ordering the same shade that Jackie Aina wears, because dur…she’s darker than I am. When I called the company to return Cocoa Beige for another colour they told me to keep it and then they sent me Perfect Honey instead.

I really like the packaging of the Kamaflage cream. It’s a long compact that has the cream and protective clear cover over it to keep it from drying out which is good because trust me, it doesn’t need any drier. At the foot of the compact there’s an application sponge.




Below I have Cocoa Beige and then Perfect Honey.




The Kamaflage Cover Cream is supposed the be the best coverage that you can get that will cover everything from acne marks to hyperpigmentation spots. But. It’s frigging rock hard. It needs to be warmed up considerably before it’s usable. See that little mark above? That was me trying to warm it up before using it by just swirling my finger in it. That didn’t work, what I finally wound up doing was scraping some off with a little spatula them warming it up on the back of my hand. The coverage is pretty dense, but it looks unnatural and doesn’t blend out particularly well. I looked straight up cake face in this.

The other foundation that I got, the Second Skin foundation, is also supposed to add stellar coverage while looking completely natural. It doesn’t look natural either. While it blended better and felt comfortable on the skin, it gave me an overly made up doll-like finish. Another thing about the Second Skin foundation? It was lumpy. It looked as if the ingredients hadn’t been mixed well and there were white lumps in it that you can see in the pictures below.




Perhaps the biggest disappointment though, is that there is no continuity along formulas. Not even with regards to undertone. For instance, Cocoa Beige is a dark beige with warm, almost yellow undertones in the Kamaflage. But in the Second Skin, it’s more of a medium beige and most definitely neutral. Perfect Honey is supposed to be a medium brown with yellow undertones. In the Kamaflage the undertones are are warm, not yellow and the Second Skin it’s neutral and more beige-like than Cocoa Beige.




I did try really hard to make at least one of these work for me, and I just threw them out a few weeks ago when it became more than apparent that it wasn’t going to work for me, like at all.

I got one blush and two lipsticks as well, and these I like a lot better even though the lipsticks have their own issues. The blush I got is a neutral plum pink powder. The formula is actually really nice. It goes on smoothly and looks very natural. If I repurchase from the brand, this is possibly the only thing that I’d get. I do hate the packaging though. Although small enough, it’s chunky and looks cheap, and the accompanying brush does nothing to dispel that feeling.





I got two of the matte lipsticks in gorgeous shades. Electric Avenue, a dark red based purple. And Red Light District, a brown based red.






Although pretty in the tube and out, after having these for a few weeks, the lipsticks dried out and had some sort of white…thing growing on them. I threw them out as well. Also, these are supposed to be matte. They’re not and transfer is a bitch. Below I’m wearing both along with my failed experiment at wearing Cocoa Beige Kamaflage Cream. The pictures are a good side by side comparisons of what my skin should look like when I’m wearing the correct shade of foundation, and what it does when I’m not, the first being the correct shade of foundation from another brand.



Finally I got the finishing powder that all the brown girls rave about, that’s supposed to be a yellow based powder that’s better for brown girls than Ben Nye Banana powder. First off, let me just say, not everyone can wear Banana powder. If you don’t have a certain complexion or undertone, it’s just gonna make you look ashy or greyed out. So I wish everyone would just stop it right now.

I used to have the Ben Nye Banana Powder as well as it’s brown counterpart Topaz. Both worked equally well for me. Banana in the winter and Topaz in the summer. My only problem with both? Every time that I wore them I broke out badly  in fine bumps because theatrical makeup, which is what Ben Nye is, is just too heavy for my skin.

The Sacha Buttercup powder sounded to me like a perfect combination of Banana and Topaz, a brown based yellow powder. I had high hopes. For $19 you get a frigging huge container of the powder. It’s a clear plastic with a black top and sifter.






Try as I might, I just can not get this powder to work for me. If I use it as a finishing powder, my skin looks dull and grey. If I use it as an under eye setting powder, it creases badly. I’ve held on to this for months and used it with just about every single foundation that I own and nothing. It’s still sitting on my bathroom counter as if by looking at it I can make it change it’s mind about being so spectacularly crappy. Haven’t had any luck yet.


Final Thoughts.

I really wanted to love Sacha cosmetics, and boy did I ever try. But lesson learned, not everything made for brown people by brown people…is gonna work for all brown people. Unlike me, a lot of other brown girls seem to have spectacular results with this line, so I’d say go ahead and give it a whirl if you’ve been meaning to try it out.

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