What’s New At The Drugstore: Wet n Wild Cushion Makeup



I did a seriously massive drugstore haul recently, everything from Nyx, Maybelline, L’Oreal to Wet n Wild and a Swiss (?) brand I’d never heard of before.

From Wet n Wild I got the new Photo Focus collection and then a few days ago I heard about the new cushion makeup that was supposed to launch the end of this month. It launches exclusively at Walgreens and since I live there, I went on a crazy, hours long hunt to find it at three different locations.

The collection at this point consists of a cushion contour, cushion highlighter and three cushion matte lip creams. And I say at this point because I heard talk of  blushes launching closer to the summer.



The whole idea of a cushion intrigues me, but I was a little worried about how it would translate in practice. I guess because cushions are a huge deal in Asia, the packing reflects the cute packaging style of Korean Brands like Etude House and it’s ilk. They’re not particularly large, but hey they’re also only $5.99. Instead of the traditional cushion compact that has that’s attached to the rest of the case, this one pops off.




The highlighter is pale icy pink that I was surprised by because it looks beautiful against my skin tone. The puff that comes with it works really well also, it doesn’t lift your foundation or blush and it deposits a sheer amount of product that builds up nicely. I found that I liked using a brush better to apply.

The contour I got purely for review purposed because from experience, drugstore contour products are one, usually not great, and two, not made for my skin tone, plus just how the hell would a cushion contour work? This little compact sure did surprise the hell outta me. I used the puff to apply it to the hollows of my cheek and at first, it simply looked like a very thin foundation. In a few seconds though, it started to oxidise into a darker grey brown shade which is what a real contour shade ought to look like. It works well under foundation or over, but it is very subtle and natural looking.



The matte lip creams come in three shades, and I though that I had gotten the three, but I wound up picking up two of the same shade in my excitement to see the display. The tubes are as cute as the cushion, and have a tiny cushion at the top which is a but superfluous because there is actually a spout that the product comes out of. I suppose the cushion is used to apply the product, but in my opinion it just soaks up a lot of the product and you have to keep reapplying. It’s initially really hard to get product out of the tubes, I had to stick a needle into the spout down the middle before any product would come out.






The two shades I got were Melon Like It Is, a terracotta orange, and Doll So Hard, a bright Fuchsia shade. As much as I liked the highlighter and contour, these lippies are not my fave. They’re really sheer and can’t really be built up. The problem is that they’re an actual cream, not a liquid with a creamy consistency. As I mentioned, the sponge also hogs most of the product but beyond that, it also magnifies every flake and dry spot on your lip. I’d been testing another lip product most of the weekend that dried out my lips and dear god this looked terrible when I applied it. Plus when I removed it, it didn’t exactly go away. It got stuck in the crevices of my lip. The colours are pretty, but seriously no.



Final Thoughts.

Lippies aside, I like the whole idea of these cushions from Wet n Wild, they’re really good and I hope to makeup heaven that they do debut cushion blushes. I’m also just stoked as hell that we’re getting something innovative from a really affordable drugstore brand.

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