To Faced Cyber Monday 2015 Mystery Grab Bag.



Yup, I did it again this year. I mean after last year, I kinda had to didn’t I? I figured it could go one of two ways, I would absolutely love everything that was in it. Or hate it with a passion, not really an in between with this one at all.

I wasn’t all that worried, because generally speaking, Too Faced tends to be inclusive colour-wise, they tend to mostly swing cool toned, but usually darker skinned ladies and fair ladies are represented.

Now, while I didn’t love everything that was in the bag, I didn’t hate any of it either. It was more a case of most of those items not being things that I would pick for myself. This year the bag was advertised as having a value of $137, and costs $4 more than last year at $39. I was able to stack it with a 20% off coupon and got the mystery bag and one other product for a total of $47 with free shipping as the mystery bag always ships free.


Deluxe Sample Better Than Sex Mascara – Aprox. cost $15.50.


Dammit I just got two of these! At this rate, I will really, never run out of this stuff. Plus it’s just ok mascara ya know? I’m starting to think of this in the same way I do Melted Peony, it’s really a toss up as to which one of them will show up and it’s a bit annoying.


Retractable Kabuki Brush – Full Size $34.



This is one of those things that I wouldn’t have chosen for myself. I don’t really care for kabuki brushes, I feel like they make me work harder than I want to. That being said, this one is really big and fluffy, and should I choose to use it, I’m sure it will do a great job at what it’s supposed to.


Melted Rainbow (LE) – Full Size $21.




Another item I wouldn’t have chosen for myself. I think that I’ve mentioned that I don’t really care for the Melted line, although I may wind up picking up some of the new Melted Chocolate ones because they look like they would work for me. But I’ve always found these to lean a little bit too cool for my liking. I didn’t swatch this because I plan on giving it away maybe, but from what I understand of this shade it’s something of a cross between Melted Violet and Fuchsia, and is very warm.


Soulmates Bronzer Blush Ross & Rachel – Full Size $34.





Once again, not the shade that I would have chosen for myself because, um…Big & Carrie…hellloooo???!! Most epic love story of ever! And because even though this one is the Medium bronzer, the peachy centre of Big & Carrie would have suited my complexion better even if it is a bit lighter.


Rock N’ Roll Palette – Full Size $36.




Nothing inherently wrong with this palette, I had it before and gave it away to someone when I became palette overloaded. It’s a very nice palette, quite pigmented and long lasting, if a bit less than unique in the colour scheme.


Finally, a card with a coupon code (blurred out) for 25% off a purchase between January 14th and 19th. I’m excited about that and I think I’ll save it for picking up some of the Melted Chocolate lip colours.



Final Thoughts.

If you’re keeping track you’ll realise that the total value of the whole shebang is $140.50 and not $137. And although it might seem as if I’m disappointed in everything that I got, I’m not because even though these aren’t things that I plan on wearing myself, I know three teenage girls that will be very happy next week.

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